Rules for Men to Follow While Dealing with Us Women and an Update

Dear Readers,
This is addressed mostly to men, and we’re going to try and speak from a global perspective on what to do with the womenfolk in your lives. I’m talking to the nicest and the most dominant males in the world, and there are rules that I suppose women will make sure you are aware of. Men, you guys think you were the first and most perfect beings on this planet, but face this, you didn’t get here without us. The women. We’re not exactly Nature’s goddesses. But you men have tried, and failed, to destroy us and use us sexually. Take Somali Mom, and many other girls in Cambodia. Take Maria Suarez from Mexico. Take all the victims of human trafficking out there. You men are perfectly responsible for making this a concept and a good idea. Well, I’ll say this once or again I may say it a thousand times, men, you are all going to be in big trouble with us women. I mean that. There are strong ladies out there who mean business when we talk, and there are some of us who are dominated by the madams and pimps out there. Those women and guys who think that trading in sex is cool? You guys, take note. Sex is not something to trade. It’s something to treasure.
Here are some rules that we women would like you men to listen to and follow. As an American, I don’t speak for everyone, but for those in countries like the ones in Africa and Asia who are going through Hell, listen up. You will want to translate and speak these words and yell them at the guys who are bothering you all.
But it so doesn’t stop there. Men who rape and marry us young are all in big trouble as well. But we can’t forever punish the entire human race for what the women have suffered. Here’s what we will be asking you all to do. From now on, we want a world in which sex and love are intertwined and where trafficking is against the law. Period. So here’s the commandments we want, and if you don’t follow them, then, guys, you just might have the same problems we have had for centuries. You’ll suffer the dominance of the female heads of state out there. I’m talking Hillary Clinton. No one beats her, and I hope she wins honestly.
1. A woman is born to live, not to die. Do not try and force us to die when born or in utero. If you do, the pain of death will sting you worse.
This rule stems from female infanticide, which is so prevalent in the places where boys are preferred.
2. When we are able to eat, feed us and hug us and nurse us at the breast no matter how you feel about us. When a female is born and is nursed sometimes, she is weaned off early because she is a girl. This won’t be tolerated according to the rules.
3. When we turn three, put us in preschool. We want to learn. Don’t think you’ll stand before God saying you raised a daughter of quality without education.
4. When we turn five, let us go to school.
5. When we turn eleven, we might menstruate, but do not rape us or force our genitals to be cut. Worst of all, since you’re marrying us so young, we would like this to stop and cease and desist now. We’re sick of you thinking that the blood of a female is worth sex with the female. It’s not always worth that.\
6. When we turn thirteen, let us continue education in schools. We’re not sex toys for men.
7. When we turn eighteen, the choice is ours.
8. Do not ever try and sell us young for sex. We’re not toys. Our bodies are your lifeblood, so shut up if you think we’re no better than a beer.
9. When we marry you, let us decide when you have sex with us in bed. Don’t try and make us do what you want in bed. We will make it pleasurable, and all the time you try and hurt us, we will throw you out of bed and maybe we might neuter you like a dog. …
10. Do not think that when we’re not doing as you ask, it gives you the thought that we’re not demure. What is demure? We females are sick and tired of being treated this way. I look at the spammy emails about Russians and brides, Anastasia singles and all that, and it makes me sick. You portray us as weak and sex hungry. Ugh.
11. Don’t think when we’re old or disabled in any way that you can destroy us. We females have a rule of thumb. Any man caught messing around in the nest of sex and love and that are to be thrown out.
12. If you want to cuddle one of us, we’ll be happy to do it on one condition: don’t trick us or fool us.
13. Do not think that we elderly females are good for nothing but nursing homes. We’re wise, old, and want to tell the grandchildren more stuff they need to know. Examples include babushkas in Russia and the Ukraine. These elderly women wear nice scarves over their heads, although not all the time. Babushkas are awesome, and I heard a group of them singing in a concert. They were awesome.
14. When we’re dead from elder age or disease, remember us. Don’t stomp on our bodies and continue to decry us. We’re not fools.
15. With the teenagers who are female, if we’re disabled teens, do not bully us on Facebook and stuff. IF you think, especially if your name is someone I know well, that bullying and stealing is the best way to obtain friendships, you’re stupid and vulgar. You have no idea what friendships are. If you’re the mother of this hollow bully I speak of, you weren’t ashamed of this daughter, but you need to teach her better how to socialize and how to be a friend. First, she must be hospitalized or sent to counseling. whatever may work. She cannot engage in cyber harassment and bullying any more.

Those are the rules. Now, an update:
Mabelin P. Ramirez refuses to give up her stance. So let’s just write down a list of the stuff she did and said about me. I’m going to be repeating some of the things she said previously, so hold on a sec.
She said I don’t bathe, take care of myself, and I am mean and get people’s things taken away. What a childish bitch that sounds like. This girl ought to go straight down there and confess to God before she does so that she’s been a wicked idiot. That’s what she is acting like, and I hate to write this down, but I must be able to do so without shame. She also said that all the stuff I do is repeated, repeated, repeated … She sounded like a broken old record in that damn blog post she wrote, which has since been taken down. She slandered me on WordPress, tried to steal my boyfriend, who is not falling for it, and stole Jessica Grabowski, Jessica Watson-Grabowski like she’s just a toy to play with. She is a human being which means she willl be treated with respect. You are liable to give her back to me or you will suffer even greater consequences that you will never regret. I’ll be happy to play that stupid voice mail you left for Nick in court. You’ll be a dying flower when you reach me in Denver, and I won’t let you anywhere near me and Blake’s house or apartment, and you will just have to wilt away like a dead flower in the backyard.
I want to make this clear, and clear it must be: disabled women are the worst of the worst and the most bottom of the bottom of society. We’re statistically undesirable and the mothers who are able have that Ableist thought process going. I’m going to write something else as well: Jesus Manuel Hernandez, a.k.a. Jessie The Messy, is NOT a pedophile. What the hell were you thinking, Haley’s mom, by making this stuff up? Do not decry Jessie this way because he is a professional guy and works at a hotel. He’s a great guy, and I just quickly asked him some questions, and I listened to him talk. He was really sad about the accusations you made against him. Haley is in her twenties, you little bug on the wall, not a little girl in a twenty-year-old’s body, not even five. Grow up, woman. Your daughter will talk to anyone she wants. I understand you are overprotective, but this has to stop. Accusing my friend of being a pedophile is enough. Stop it. You are on the same plane with Mabelin when you decry my friends as pedophiles.
Let’s define a pedophile: a man who has a true sexual desire for CHILDREN! Prepubescent CHILDREN for heaven’s sakes. Children under twelve mostly, depending on the pubic age. A true pedophile will molest girls or boys between the ages of 3 and 10 at the oldest. So guess what? You made a wrong accusation about my messy Jessie, and he’s not gonna take this without a confrontation. Haley is a good friend, and she got me hooked on YouTube Poop. I love that stuff, and thanks to me, Haley is hooked on some things too. We’re gonna stay this way. Don’t think you’re gonna get away with this. You won’t.
Also, you don’t know my story. My parents emotionally stunted me, abused me, whatever. Because of my disability, they decided to hit and threaten me due to the fact that they didn’t like my head moving around and wobbling. Ugh. Is that the way to do it? Blake’s furious. To Haley’s mother, this is not the way to teach. I have no clue what you did to Haley, but you’re doing something enormously stupid. She will be locked away from the world. I don’t know what Springfield will bring to her, but I hope to God I don’t move back to Florida. I’m not ready to face my parents, and probably never will. I hate to write this down, but Mrs. Stipp, or whatever you call yourself, my parents have to tell their story and own what they did. They took away my current ability to plan a wedding. I can’t hold Blake in my arms without thinking they could just yank me out of Colorado. I can’t even close my stupid CO DVR case without them throwing me into a really abusive situation. Too little life is too painful. I want to experience real life things: marriage, love, having a baby, getting old and grey next to the one I love, dying finally. I don’t know what else. Mrs. Stipp, back off! Don’t ever say anything about Jessie again. Don’t even talk to your daughter when she leaves for Mary Bryant Home for the Blind. You must leave her to do her own thing. Or i could just whisk her to Arizona with me and Blake, and we’ll show her what to do. She’ll learn her own med management, no sheltered care necessary. She’ll be the best person we know, and she is sweet. We love Haley, and I love her like a big sister who never had a little sister to save her damned life. To Mrs. Ramirez, do something with your daughter’s vile behavior. She has offended Haley and I, and Jessie is trying to step back. But I swear, you must take Mabelin’s stuff away. Now!
I’m sick of the disabled community’s status quo. The little queen bee is getting her way again, so you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to squish the bee, and steal the honey in the hive. It’s my honey, and I’m going to take all the workers, the drones, etc. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Jessica is the honeycomb. She’s as sweet as any bee honey ever. If you think you can decry me as a bully myself, but then praise your own daughter for being a bully and doing bad things to people, you’re wrong. I love Jessica like a sister and pray that Mabelin will fall to the ground on her face, scream for the God she failed to worship, and pray that she can escape the pain of true loss. She doesn’t know what it’s like to lose the person you love so much. I almost lost Blake, and I did indeed lose Chad. I sometimes cry thinking of what I should’ve said, should’ve done, and beat myself out of it. Mrs. Stipp, here is a rule of thumb when dealing with men that Haley talks to: leave them alone. Jessie is perfectly healthy, and he’s a sweetheart. I love Jessie, and I’m not gonna stop defending his friendship with your daughter. It’s his freakin’ right. So back off.
I’m not gonna say this on Audioboo because I am afraid that someone could try and find it somewhere. As for the Mabelin stuff, I am sickened by what she’s doing and has done. Nick, take care of the little wasp for me and let’s see how far we get in restocking the hive with our honeycombs. We’re taking back the planet we live on as disabled individuals, and yes, we’re taking back what’s ours.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

5 thoughts on “Rules for Men to Follow While Dealing with Us Women and an Update”

  1. Well beth, as promised, a comment. For somebody to make faulse allegations against somebody that they’re a sex offender or a paedophile could land that person in court and cause severe humiliation to the person concerned. Not to mention put their future employment in jeperty. If you’re on a sex offender’s register your aspirations are fucked. I was given a lecture when I had ideas that the deputy principal at my old school was a sex offender but those ideas were out of anger that I was being treated like crap and I was becoming jack of it. (yep that’s right the name jack just had to crop up when it needen’t have lol) In my mind Jessie is a cool guy who would never hurt anybody but then again I don’t know him personally but that’s beside the point. people think it’s okay to make false accusations about anything they want. Where’s the element of trust there used to be years ago? It’s even rare to find somebody one can confide in if they’re struggling. everything’s going down the gurgler these days. There seems like there’s no such word as family anymore or even the word “friend” is hard to come by these days.


    1. For one thing, jesse is awesome. 42, I don’t like overprotective parents. They need to shop and back off. Calling Jesse a petafile is going to get Haley mom and do a whole lot of trouble. I hope that somebody soothe her or tells her that what she did was December Tori and roll. I will not have my friends being called petafile anymore.


  2. Now I’m afraid to date people, because she might take away the person, and I’m afraid of that. I never tell her this, because I’m pretending to be friends with her. That’s all I can-do, another hand I did just say I’m not friends with Jesse, when I really am.


    1. Haley not wanting to pry i’ll say this much. parents are often over protective of their children and don’t want to see them come to harm in any way. I’m not exactly controlled but when it comes to getting to know women or girls I’m hesatent regardless. it’s mainly because I had a visiting teacher who predicted that one day I’d be a dirty old man eventually and that comment often holds me back.


  3. Haley, I see what’s going on. And that girl wants me to take all the stuff down I wrote about her, but that’s cowardice in my opinion. The girl we are mentioning, M. P. Ramirez, will not cuss me out in Spanish. When a parent praises a child for bullying, that parent is just as bad as the child, and when the child says I’m incompetent without a psychology degree, guess what? That child is stupidas ever. Haley, thank you for taking care of this situation because I really don’t want anyone leaving me threatening voicemails or Nick insulting voicemails. Nick needs to be given his stuff and his life back, and I’m in to talking to Wendy. I hope there’s none of this “gradual” crap. I’m hoping that there is an Olmstead suit soon, at least for Nick’s sake. I have no clue what to do at this point for myself, but I’m doing an evaluation that will indeed overturn little Mabers’s weird convictions. I’m not mentally incompetent, and this whole incompetence thing is nobody’s business. Period.


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