Response to a Really Bad Voice Message on Nick’s Phone

Well, she’s at it again. The witch with the long black hair. But this time, we will now reveal the identity of this little black haired weirdo. We also want to inform all of the readers that an insulting voicemail was heard last night, a voice mail that was so insulting and offensive. Let’s analyze it in the form, “Dear person who left that stupid voice mail.”

Dear Mabelin P. Ramirez,
As of last night, you shook a lot of people up but we’re going to punish you for that stupid voice mail you left for Nick. Here’s a few hints when leaving a voice mail:\
1. Do not insult me or Blake or anyone. You said Blake was being used by me for my own selfish purposes. You also said that I was the “mean one” and that I “got Nick’s stuff taken away.” The stuff was taken away because of staff corroborating with parents. They were corroborating to alienate Nick from people who cared. Mabelin, we’re not going to affectionately call you Mabers or Mabes or anything of this nature. I tried to restrain you from contact with me or even my friends or even online activity, but to no avail. Don’t think it’s any thing that allows you to insult me and talk about me behind my back. I’m sick of this, and it will stop right now and here in any place you end up.
2. Do not take friends that do not rightfully belong with you. Jessica G., my dear friend, has to have 24 hour nurse care due to her disability. You walk over her like she’s grass on the ground, so stop it.
3. For this, Mabelin P. Ramirez, this blog hereby orders you to quit talking about the writer behind her back. You trashed me on this particuloar site, and I implore you to leave Jessica and leave all of us alone. You’re back for round 2, and it will end with you going straight down. What will you say to God on Yama ke Yama? If you were Muslim, you would have to admit to Allah, “I tried to ruin people’s lives.” IF Jesus knew this happened, he’d toss the table you were sitting at upside down as if you were a money changer sitting in the church. You would be in judgment at this point. And you know, you are.
When leaving a voice mail, you need to simply ask the person to call you back, stupid egg cracked too early. You obviously don’t know how to leave voice mails for the friends you claim you have.
As for Nick and the “meanness”, I don’t like people who think they can trample us with disabilities. What’s sad is when disabled people discriminate against each other. It’s like the blacks with lighter skin going against blacks with darker skin. It sickens me beyond belief!
So, do us all a favor and let someone hack your Skype account, go offline, and hide because when the last day, Yama ke Yama, or whatever happens, you won’t be able to say you did the right thing. What I do for people like Nick is called advocacy work. It’s my NFB side coming out, and Blake and I did this while at CCB. I do public service for people who need it. I tell restaurants, “Make your menu readable.” AS an example, I tried writing a letter to a pub restaurant I went to, and they haven’t responded, but I responded to their service with profuse thank yous and so on, and told the restaurant owners in the email that they would benefit from a better menu format.
I also am good about telling others that wheelchair parking is essential for business. But I will not advertise death to babies and elders, allow a bad nursing home to get more business, and so on. A for profit company should never profit from others’ misery. That is the motto by which I am living.
Now, Jessica G., get with it, girl. You’re married, 38 or whatever you do, with your age, so get away from Mabelin P. Ramirez. She’s dangerously close to blowing everybody’s brains out, and I’m tempted to say something really bad. I’m sick of being talked about behind my back. I want my friend back, and you need to understand I am a fiery advocate for disabled rights. Jessica, if someone abused you in your home, I’d hit the person repeatedly and ask how it felt. The Blue Eyed exercise applies here. Try living like the sighted and able bodied, and tell me what power you think you have. You don’t.
Everybody’s equal, and disabled people have to be put in the line of equality with others. Being friends with someone isn’t a bad thing, but Mabelin is going to be punished for what she’s doing. Her activities have been well known for years, and when she starts crying, that’s when we know this has worked. I’m sick of being talked about and gossip must end, and right now. Blake is having a hard time trying to ease the pain of this, … and that’s the thing.
We’re not putting up with this anymore. Blake has to leave for an emotional trip to California to do some stuff. On top of which, the family needs access for an untrained dog. It’s weird, but I hope it works out …
Enjoy the rest of your weird lives, readers, and hope you all will find the weather nicer.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

3 thoughts on “Response to a Really Bad Voice Message on Nick’s Phone”

  1. here I am the pot calling the kettle black by saying that nobody has the right to leave inappropriate nasty and sometimes defamatory voicemails emails whatever I’ll at least admit I’ve done these things but at the time I sometimes got angry inwardly for no real reason I’m not sure if it’s possible to get angry for no reason at all but instead of letting it out I just used my fingers on a keyboard but I’m not like that anymore and I treat people how I want to be treated. There are people out there I’m afraide who have no concept of human dignity and manners and etecate. I sometimes use your blog post as an opportunity to confess some things and I’m sorry if that’s not really the purpose of your blog. I should be making comments about your posts not confessing things.


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