Letter to Indiana’s Governor

Dear Gov. Pence
What gives you the license to allow others to be bigots and all that? You signed a law that now allows people to uphold an old law about being gay or lesbian. I have friends who will now boycott your gruesome law. They’re not getting married in Indiana. I will see to it myself that the state is deserted because you put bigotry here. I guess you are trying to get around the Gay Marriage laws that allow gays to marry by just choking it out like a weed. Well, you can’t. Imagine if your law was used to discriminate against people with disabilities. Like me and my bf Blake. We want to marry, for example, and we call a baker in Indiana or any state that has such a stupid law. “Oh, we don’t serve the blind or disabled. You people are broken.” “Why? You can’t deny us services. We’re just straight as arrows.” “Yes, but you’re disabled, and we don’t like disabled people.” See what you did? Honestly, bigotry and sports do not belong in the same plane. So guess what I’m doing, I’m demanding that you put executive actions in place that state that this law is a mistake. You made a mistake, and yes, you are a human being, but this is an intentional mistake. You are treating us, Blake and me for instance, and gay people, black people, etc. like we’re all mistakes. Guess what? God doesn’t make junk. Hear me out. I am blind, and I have some mental issues. Nurses viewed me as a broken person, and I heard a nurse say that two sick people don’t make a well product. This is a really old school view. If two people with mental illness want to get married, let it be. Two gay people should be awarded the same rights. Blind people like Blake and myself will not be denied services, so guess what that means? We will be denied services by a minister for a wedding, denied services in a hospital for a baby’s birth, denied services for children’s birthday parties. If Colorado gov. Hickenlooper had the gaul to do this, he’d be off my good list. Well, Gov. Pence, you’re definitely not in my good books right now. Please get rid of this law or we will be having a lot of business leave your state. Bigotry has a cost. Wanna be a bigot? Well, then, you will pay dearly for being this bad.
Beth Taurasi
Denver, Colorado

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Letter to Indiana’s Governor”

  1. Sometimes, these issues aren’t always within a person’s control it’s not always a choice now having said that everybody has a right to agree or disagree with what I’ve just said but it almost sounds like it’s going back to old school methods where people with disabilities mental illness and who are gay or lezbien are taboo and what happens to people who are raped as well? okay they don’t like to talk about that but would that have to be taboo too? it’s preposterous! people have a right to free speech and expression without the fear of being persecuted for it.


    1. The governor’s new law gives people the license to discriminate. Who knows how farvis will go? I swear the governor is such a bigot. It is not even funny. I don’t need to say anything mean about politicians, but biggest do not belong in politics. Nor do they belong in this country either. We need to accept everybody, including the disabled, homosexuals, and women.

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