This Week’s News and Announcements, Don’t Know When I’ll Post Again

Dear readers,
It’s been a while, but posting here I put on hold because of Daylight Screwing Torture. Ugh. I hate not being on the same damn hour as Blake. God, it’s like we’re out of sync with each other, and it hurts. Ugh, well, what will I do? My church is having a seder, a Jewish passover feast on Good Friday. Jesus had his last supper on Thursday. Glynn is really trying to show us Exodus in reality, and I hope to God I can throw in a few words about the Jewish one I went to.
I’ll first start by saying it all had to do with a guy friend I know pretty well on my Facebook page. Aaron has known me for a while, and he was the first guy to walk into my life, and yes, I was like madly attracted to him. HE kissed me while we were supposed to watch Office Space on his little bitty laptop. Ugh.
Ok, but the weird thing was that I found Passover, and it was a great celebration. We had Hebrew blessings, matzah balls and bread, bitter herbs, the whole bit. But the Rabbi was able to lead well, and the Rabbinical students who washed my hands were great. They blessed both hands and then one guy had me recite the prayer before the hands were washed and we ate our foods and we sang a bit. After the whole thing, we feasted on lots of things. Honestly, I love Passover and Easter season. Good Friday and Passover have not coincided for a while, and that’s how it was when Jesus died. This is my faith, and this is how I get closer to God. Blake and I are really huge on spiritual matters.
I’d like to clear up something about what M.O. has accused me of having done on Facebook. First off, I barely write statuses about my friend Art. I have absolutely not written any bad stuff about Art and have kept careful not to do so. Art and I are talking about his honeymoon stuff, and I decided to email my dad about the KSC location and access stuff. Dad was great, so I want to thank him profusely for his help in helping me and Art decide what I think would be best. As I know the modern Florida and Art grew up in an old Miami, I think it would be helpful if I would explain that the Rosen Shingle Creek may not be the best and most accessible way to transport oneself to Disney. Disney World is a good place, I’ll say. If there’s but one thing about Florida I will miss, it’s that place. But I feel unsafe on that Florida soil until stuff is resolved. No comments here.
I do not think Art is a bad person, and we’ve totally renewed a friendship, and it’s like even tighter than two magnet poles. You know how the north and south poles of a magnet are polar opposites, and how one magnet hangs on to the polar opposite of another? It’s the same way with me and Art and me and Blake. Except me and Blake are like the same magnet, if you know what I mean. Magnets are fun to play with, and I have had many fun things in my hands before that had magnets in them.
Magnetism is so fun, and yes, Jessie says there’s going to be a magnet in the iWatch bands. Poor messy one. He doesn’t know that Blake and I might supposedly be messier.
Also this week, I got to watch the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Katniss Everdeen is a total mess. But you know, she’s the best mess I’ve seen her in for a while. She’s like literally angry because Panam Capital people are trying to kill her, and the President Snow is a bad ass traitor himself. Katniss has a great big heart and a golden smile for all of us, and yes, a fiery look on her face all the time she does the “proppos.” Propaganda clips. The propaganda videos are real, and Katniss knows that the Capital are a bunch of bloodthirsty villains who want to kill her. Well, what would happen if you were forced to kill for the sake of everybody seeing it? And your best friend from another state or district in your country or province was killed as well? Well, Katniss was really grieved. Of course, Katniss would be the mess she appears to be in the beginning, but she uses that anger to free her people in Panam. I want to see what happens in Part 2.
I want to let some people know what has happened recently. C.H., a young woman who was talking to me on Facebook and other social media, has chosen not to speak with me again, and has accused me of walking all over her and being “too nice” to her. I think that’s how she’d put it. She’s not a bad person, but I feel she would benefit from someone who is gifted enough and caring enough to take a long hard look at what happened to her in the past, which I will not write here. C.H., I hope you realize that I prayed for you with my friend Ericka. Blake heard me crying last night, and he was quite disturbed to hear it. It was awful, and he may advise me not to speak with people who just don’t appreciate what I do for them. It’s way out of line for C. to do this to me. I wish I could give her a few hugs, and since I don’t want anyone to know who this girl really is, I’ve chosen to use a first letter or initials. As I do with all people who wish not to be identified in this blog.
Please pray for C. as she recovers from traumas similar to mine. I wonder if Katniss is the same way, but worse than that. Katniss hates everybody but her friends, and those people who are unarmed. Katniss hates Snow, and she wonders about the roses in the crater where District Thirteen once lay. Or was supposed to be destroyed, but the people live in a bunker and do military schedules and stuff. Anyhow, I think I better kiss Blake goodnight as best I can and go straight to bed.
I love you all.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “This Week’s News and Announcements, Don’t Know When I’ll Post Again”

  1. Firstly beth I’ve said this many many times. I hate using the term “friend” because people say they’re your friend and they can change at the drop of a hat.
    Also, I’ve never heard of somebody being accused of walking all over somebody and being too nice to them I thought people would accuse you of being the contrary not being nice to them.
    But then again that’s me theorising yet again.

    This certain girl you speak of but have not named really must have major trust issues as far as I see it but I don’t want to pry or I’m only going to open up yet another can of worms if I say my piece.

    And by the title of this post you say you don’t know when you’ll post again I’m wondering does this mean you’re having a temporary rest from being online or as I like to say that life’s going to get busy for you as it does for me?

    Thanks for the chat today and I think haley appreciated my thoughts and that I was concerned that she was okay.


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