Sex workers: the weirdness of it all.

Dear readers, I was impressed by one of my big fans, Kyle Kogan. I think he was talking about something that really made me think. He said something about the idea that is disabled person could simply go to a sex worker for questions about sex. Well, I don’t want to spread it when we started on my blog. However, let me address to.. First and foremost, sex workers only deal in sex. Sex without emotion, sex without any kind of feeling, and sex without responsibility. The sex worker that any foreigner would see at a bar is not the sex worker you will see in the United States. During the World Cup in Europe in different places around, sex workers are most often be able to go there so they can sexually please all of the guys that end up in the complex. But there is a problem, & a huge problem as it is. There were problems with Brazil’s World Cup and I heard this on the 700 club. Something about child predators? Yes. Child predators are a huge problem. Especially in the warmer climates, you will find the child predators enjoy this sort of environment. Anyway, here are the weirdest ideas that people with disabilities may or may not have about sex. 41, parents often shelter the disabled and do not give them the right ideas about sex. Maybe they just don’t give them the ideas about sex as far as what it’s for and what it does.the other. I wanted to make with something kind of weird that I saw somewhere or maybe further back in some article. Guess what? Italy’s health minister wanted to do something incredibly weird. I guess the Ministry of Health in Italy thought it funny to provide sexual assistance that is. Sexual assistance for the disabled. Now, as a disabled female, this may lend itself to a minute myriad of different things. It may lend itself to the possibility that any old male who is assisting need to get over sexual frustration mason please take advantage of that idea about me being a disabled girl and simply have sex with me. You might get a guy kind of like John l’avoir. A guy who might say, I just want to see your titties. It could go further than that. Anyway, I just want to tell you something else. I don’t think this idea is going to pan out well in the United States. Just how many weirdos Citgo Americans off there here in the United States are going to find the sexual assistant thing even helpful? We don’t need assistance having sex. This is just a laughable subject. As disabled people, we have a problem. It’s not that we don’t know how to have sex, it’s just that we are not given the right ideas about the reproductive life cycle. Anyway, I think and I hope anybody’s done something right to address the subject in another blog. But I will say this, I hope I don’t ever have to say a word about sex workers again. That and I hope I don’t see any other weird article about sexual assistance quote really left quote sexual assistant right quotes this is just getting weird.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

4 thoughts on “Sex workers: the weirdness of it all.”

  1. I read your post the minute you posted it.
    I think you’ve got me to thank for inspiring you to post it.

    As I say the agency whose books I’m on and have been on for a while helps run a relationship type group known as the up close and personal workshop.

    It’s at this group that it’s talked about that if people with disabilities have desires that are to be met that visiting a prostitute is often considered and also looking at pawn which I bork at with distast.
    I’m told that viewing pawn is okay if you’re on your own and nobody else is around but what pawn is allowed to be viewed must be controlled.

    Though I scoff at the idea of pawn just because I’m blind but audio pawn is talked about but I always fear a knock on the door from police or the FBI if ever I vewed or listened to stuff like that .

    Am I confused? absolutely!
    Am I disillusioned about what’s okay and what’s not?
    I am a bit.
    And beth I do understand your opinion and I respect that as everybody is intitled to their own opinion.


  2. Kyle, again, I respect your thoughts and opinions. HEre’s one thing you might want to consider: talk to a therapist. I don’t know if you do, but therapy about sexual frustrations is a good thing, and don’t get up close with your therapist if it’s a female. Haha. But do talk to someone, male or female, about your evident frustration with relationships. A sex worker might not be the best, and porn doesn’t give you an accurate picture of sex. I know this because I’ve watched and looked at articles and literature about movies’ picture of sex. It’s never accurate.


  3. Thanks for your response beth.
    Each to their own I suppose.
    I actually said to this lady who often is concerned about my emotional wellbeing even though she isn’t really a councillor but I told this lady even if I didn’t get my desires met as far as sex is concerned but even if I consider a sex worker as another outlet just to talk and get my rustrations off my chest in a discrete manner without involving my parents.
    Even if it means somebody else other than my parents taking me there.

    You can obviously tell that I’m extremely secretive when I want to be.


  4. Beth, thought I’d add an addendum. I happened to bring up with my doctor yesterday about a desire to visit a sex worker and he does tend to disagree that visiting a sex worker wouldn’t be a good idea, however. The desire to visit a sex worker wasn’t my desire alone. I was asked by somebody if doing so would make me feel better about myself and my emotional wellbeing. so I didn’t think of visiting a sex worker off my own bat.


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