Sex Workers: A Problem With Child Predatry

While going down the road of the topic of sex workers, I just wanted to tell all of you about the problems facing younger sex workers here in the U.S. and abroad. We have a big problem with the sex trade in this world, and it’s beyond what anyone could fathom. Imagine a seventeen-year-old girl from Moldova, fresh from high school, told she had a factory job. Then, suddenly, she’s in a place where she has to have sex with customers. Basically, she is forced into sex work. Yuck.
This happens so many times, and I must say this before I get crazy: sex workers are not sex workers by choice unless they are sex working without nervousness or tensity. There have been hidden nooks and crannies in society where Indian girls and others of different ethnic groups have been locked in “pinjaras”, a word that means … drumroll please … cage. It’s a four by six foot thing that the girl lives in, and most of the time, these “sex workers” are unwanted wives and daughters who fail to marry. The unwanted wives are widows that families don’t need or want in their view. The daughters are people who don’t get married. Maybe the family wants to sell the daughter for money to pay bills. I’ll do a different post on child marriage and why it’s such a big problem and what’s being done about it. But for now, such girls we’re discussing are the ones who are trafficked for sex work. It’s a hard and deadly work experience for girls. Girls have a high risk of getting pregnant at a young age and worse, they could get AIDS. Natasha Beddingfield and other celebrities are working to stop such heinous crimes against humanity. They are talking to girls and helping them come around, and when said girls are rescued by the organization that celebrities fund, the girls will tell stories of being raped daily, being forced to show their bodies, run around in their underwear etc. etc. Sex work is not always met with consent by the worker herself as this post says. The big thing we have to do to combat illegal sex workers is not to blame the victims as so many men do, but there are certain things that must be done:
1. The young girls in high risk areas should be targeted in good ways: they need mentoring like some of the young black boys get in inner urban areas. They need an alternative to sex work. Such alternatives include sports, music, etc. Sports and music or cooking or even carpentry are great alternatives that girls can latch on to. At a young age, high risk girls should do girl scouting. Scouts taught me a lot, and they can teach others that girls are not just nurses, mothers, and sexual objects to be used by men. Girl scouting must be changed to promote the needs of at risk girls, however. This means they must do archery, b b guns, and so on. Why do boys get to shoot guns and not girls? This is an inward stereotype about girls and their incapacity to shoot a gun that must be done away with. Girls who aren’t pregnant should at least have some hunting skills. Why not!
2. Women at work should be given a chance to defend themselves from workplace bullying and offensive comments First and foremost, if a woman is given a sexual taunt and joke, she should report this to the HR department at work. HR people should then be taught to report this to the CEO and then, at some point, if the CEO is responsible, the CEO should be fired. It all depends on the case. IF the executives are making bad sexual jokes about a woman, they need to be fired. Their taunting jokes could trigger bad memories in already trafficked and former trafficked girls. If a former illegal sex worker is working in an office, no man should make faces at her and say, “Oooh, breasts. I don’t mean chicken.” That is an unwanted joke.
3. For the girls who slip through the cracks, there should be something in place all over the nation, not just in Atlanta, where the trafficking problem is prominent. A-town, where I’ve flown to once or twice, has a huge problem of girls being trafficked for sex. How do we stop this? We need to follow the other things I just mentioned, and if they don’t work, we must have men walk in disguised as customers and women as madams. Some men may go in as pimps, purchase the girls, and take them out to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation. Also, we could try a special shelter for said girls so they can be rehabilitated. We need to take reports from other men seriously. This may mean that others have to be on their guard and report any suspicious behavior about the place. For the girls who don’t speak English, we need to give them education in that language, skills like the girls in scouting have, and so on. This means that digital business is important. If we give females education, we are ultimately doing society a favor.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Sex Workers: A Problem With Child Predatry”

  1. People using women as sex slaves in particular is illegal. You hear in the news quite often that young girls are promised a holiday and they end up being trafficked into the sex trade it’s just apporant!

    They fear speaking out about their conditions because they fear assault if they do.


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