Malls: Dangers In All Aspects

Yes, you heard right. I’d like to say stuff about my experiences at malls. Malls are fun places to go where shopping is supposedly a pleasure. But malls can be dangerous, and with the recent reports about Al Shabbab and the mall threats, especially, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I’m going to talk about my life in malls. Yes, here it is. My life in a mall.
I used to go to a place called the Miracle City Mall in Titusville, and I remember shopping there. It used to be that you could walk around the mall and people knew who you were. Malls like this one were not so bad, and the space program was in its heyday. Titusville’s Miracle City Mall had many good memories for me. Since then, it has been torn down, and my memories with it. It was the place where I went to see Santa Claus many times, and the last time I sat on the old man’s lap was some years back before my friend Emily got pregnant with a child at sixteen or so. It was a cool and pleasant day in Florida, and the last time I went to Miracle City, Emily and I went through the mall, and landed at Claire’s. Oh Lord, I remember Claire’s. Claire’s had many things in it: jewels, earrings of all kinds, necklaces, and bags. Claire’s and Icing by Claire’s are both stores I will always cherish, and hopefully my own daughters to be will see the stores when they become fourteen. My ears were pierced at the same Claire’s I speak of.
Anyway, Emily and I found many great things on sale at Claire’s, and that was what we bought. I bought chopsticks and a chopstick rest or some things. I’m not sure what else I bought. Claire’s was the place full of memories, including the memory of me buying a big garland of beaded curtains to put up on my walls. I’d walk around the mall, and sometimes I’d hear a pony carousel singing merrily around in a circle in the hall. Kids would play happily around it, and then it would continue when you put a quarter in it. The kids would ride it too, and I remember days I did this.
Malls had such a great big book of memories for me. Eventually, outdoor malls became the norm, and indoor malls weren’t so much. Titusville lost its growth and vitality, and with it the Miracle City Mall deteriorated into nothingness, and Dave’s hot dog stand died with all the rest of the memories I had. I remember Orange Juliuses and pretzels at the mall. My parents and brothers and I would go and we’d have so much fun at the mall. This was before the dark times, and as Obi Wan Kenobi would put it, before the Empire. Before the Dark Times, before the evil galactic Empire. I can’t forget the malls I went to with others, and one such recent trip was to the Park Meadows Mall. I bought a scarf for my then boyfriend Deq, and then bought me a Christmas CD of Loreena McKenitt. It was a good CD, and I have all the files of it on iTunes. Now, as a full fledged older woman, I am hearing these reports about malls, and it saddens me.
For one, malls have become the lookout spot for perverted men. I’m not saying all men do this, but mall perverts are everywhere. You just can’t walk about the mall in a short skirt, or even in jeans. Some guys just stick cameras up a longer skirt, and they take pictures of women’s stuff right there. Another problem with malls is just about to sprout: the Terrorists in Minnesota are trying to inspire people to kill at malls. There was one or two massacres at Malls before.
Malls are supposed to be a fun and safe hangout for everyone, so here’s what I’d like to see at my local mall:
I’d like to see all of us together, and of course, the DHS would say, “If you see something, say something.” Congress is trying to hold the Department of Homeland Security hostage over the immigration bill, and Obama had this same problem with his healthcare reform law. Well, if you’re a Mexican and wanted to get a job here, but your parents couldn’t get a home legally in the U.S., not your fault, right? Well, we need the Security people to train others to be sensitive to blind people, and if Al Shabbab wants to do some bad work in malls around Minneapolis, they won’t. There’s heightened security at the big Mall of America. Imagine if Titusville had this heightened security due to Terrorists trying to plot massacres at Miracle City. It must be terrible, mind you, if someone tried to do mall massacres. It would kill me if anyone in this country died at the mall, and just for being Christian or otherwise non Muslim, they’d get shot in the head. That and they would hear, as the final resounding words, “Allah O Akbar.” That’s what the Terrorists are trained to say before they kill someone. Supposedly, they go to Paradise with all them virgins if they do this. Well, it’s not going to bring them virgin wives. Nobody gets a virgin wife in Heaven, and Blake would say, “There is no marriage or wives in Heaven.” Blake would quote the book of Revelation and I would add on to it, echoing the whole thing with a resounding, “Amen.” Mall massacres would make malls unsafe and not so much fun for teenagers. Today’s insecure world has reached the Malls of America. Just be careful while at a mall, people. Not only women have to be careful, but men as well. Don’t just wear a veil at the mall because you’re Muslim or trying to protect yourself, and forget about the veil if you’re Christian. We need to be careful of who we are messing with because if we mess with the wrong people, we could get in to big trouble. The dodos in Minnesota, better known as the Al Shabbab contingent and the people who recruit for them, should not think they’re gonna be too safe to perform a massacre at an American mall. What is wrong with Western malls, may I ask? If you are reading this, and you’re a Terror striking man who wants to destroy my country, just close the door of your bedroom, lie down, and think about what I just said. Think about the people who you think you’re gonna mess with. You can’t mess with Americans because we know what you’re doing and going to do. We intercept your videos, we can trace your phone calls, and we won’t let you go further than saying the stuff you say in the videos. I say this because I don’t want to have another incident like 9/11 happen in the Malls here. Malls should be safe hangouts, not fear dropouts or whatever you want to call them.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Malls: Dangers In All Aspects”

  1. You’re absolutely spot on beth! there’s dangers everywhere you go not just shopping centres. Sex offenders and paedophiles often make supermarkets and shopping centres hide outs.
    Only problem is they often strike where there are loads and loads of people but they lure children with lollies or whatever but it’s far more sinister than that.

    Even taking your child to sit on Santa’s lap is becoming risky now as you never know what they’re capable of with children.

    Here, paedophiles are often found living near child care centres schools and the like and they’re never going to change once they’re releast and on parole.
    As the old saying goes, a leopard never changes its spots.

    Even if you give a sex offender or paedophile chemical carsteration they’ll find other ways to rape or do damage and why is it paedophiles can be named and shamed in the US but not here? that’s just crazy!


    1. I think the u_s has a little more emphasis on child safety. Send all see you, but I think a lot of other countries just don’t get it. Children are precious resource and if they are 2 damaged to go to school because they’re afraid mister x the teachers going to follow them, what’s the point?I think the u_s has a little more emphasis on child safety. Send all see you, but I think a lot of other countries just don’t get it. Children are precious resource and if they are 2 damaged to go to school because they’re afraid mister x the teachers going to follow them, what’s the point? Mall long many places where children and families will fly. It is absolutely essential the children be safe where they go.


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