Formal Declaration

Declaration of Disassociation from Friends

I, Elizabeth Ann Taurasi, formally disassociate myself from the following people: A.Y., M.O. M.P.R., and all other folks who’ve caused drama. I will not do anything with these folks for the following reasons:
1. Vandalizing my apartment.
2. Co-conspiring to lie about doing so or not doing so to my apartment.
3. Disrespecting my property by soda popping my floor, walls, and other things in my kitchen.
4. Attempting to undo care services for All State Home Health.
5. Attempting to break up a relationship I’ve worked so damn hard to build.
6. Allowing the vandalized apartment to go unnoticed for a day and some hours.
7. Expecting me to invite them in, or like expired food. That’s in the case of M.O.
8. Slandering me to care companies and on blogs, Twitter, etc. This is in the case if M.P.R. She wants to make things up if I’m nice to her. Well, how do you be nice to someone who harasses a second friend about a certain Facebook chat, then attempts removing me and Blake repeatedly, treating us both like ping pong balls?
9. Tricking me and conspiring to do things and making me so scared my back hurts, my hip hurts, etc.

Because of the disassociation, these people mentioned by initials only will not:\
1. Come to my house.
2. Drink from the fridge.
3. Order food and expect me to pay.
4. Touch my floor with the soles of their shoes.

To get trust back, these people will:
1. Sit apart from me at casual gatherings,
2. Do not call me at all.
3. Do not ask me to go out with them.
4. Respect my wishes and property.
5. Apologize in a written document by email or handwritten Braille or printed letter, something readable, and it should say the following:
Dear Beth,
We, A.Y. and M.O., are sorry we conspired to dirty up your apartment and made fun of your relationship and life. We disrespected the man in your life, disrespected your property which you have waited long and hard for, could have ruined your health and welfare, etc. We will respect any punishment you throw at us. We were childish in doing the actions we did.
A. and M.

Disclaimer: I wrote this because of the recent events that went down over the last two days. Phew! What an exhausting day. But what a fun day. I talked to catering companies at work, and I feel responsible, more grown up than I ever have before. I talked to Serendipity, and they were really receptive to a little education on screen reading software and stuff. When I got home, oh yeah, the fire started. My back and left hip still kind of irritate me. I was told I’d lose care services, and was blamed for taking care away from someone else. Wrong. I was also told I treated my dear friend Melaina like scum, which is no way in Heck true. I cared for Melaina, but in the most business like manner, I was trying to handle the sicko who stole my underpants. Melaina, I miss you and love you forever. You are like a sister, and I miss you terribly. Somehow, I need to have a real friend, someone who isn’t just paid to walk in my door. Because of the drama, I’ve been asked to just walk away from two friends because they’re hanging out together. Sadly, those two men, one old and one so young, trashed my floor, walls, and stove, and other parts of the kitchen. I’m filing the report, and I’m gonna see where it goes. It’s now in a file with the care company. Now, I have no friends in this building.
I have no good friends that aren’t paid to be friends. Jennifer, my therapist, is a cool lady, but I’m really going to stress my butt off because Jennifer doesn’t seem to get the point that I could lose everything. Maybe I deserve to lose it all: my place to live, my freedom, Blake, food, water, shelter. Maybe I was not meant to have all this stuff, but being content with nothing at all is not good for the community. I think more on a collective level here, and if I am the sorry, pitiful blind person who is collecting money in a tin cup, I’m screwed. No blind man or woman should have to collect money in a tin cup. I refuse to do this, and I won’t. I want a real job, like what I did with the catering companies, and I”m frozen in time now. Maybe I oughta put some things away and say the words of an Amy Grant song:
“True love is frozen in time,
I’ll be your champion and you will be mine,
I will remember you.”
Those lines are so wonderful, and I’m not writing them down for any particular reason, I just think about those words, and it makes me think of times when I heard the song.
I’m a lonely little loser right now, but the only light at the end of the tunnel is my work. I enjoy my work, I feel so responsible and in command of what I’m doing. Like, ok, my boss is cool. He’s blind too, so he understands, but again, I would say he’s wonderful. Well, he doesn’t have the very same makeup I do, but then again, nobody does.
My boss had me look up catering companies, and I really enjoyed talking to those ladies at Biscuits and the Serendipity company. Should I go Three Tomatoes? Well, I don’t know. I would love to book and order stuff and do secretarial work in my own office. That’s the cool thing about my job, no sitting up front in a desk chair area where the public has to view my weirdness. Ugh.
It’s not that the last job I had was bad, but I just feel more relaxed when I’m in control, when nobody’s throwing orders at me all over the place. “Beth, do this.” “Beth, do that.” That’s only in the job setting. Honestly, I’m going to probably do that kind of work. I wouldn’t mind sharing the office with one other person, and if my office mate happens to be a good friend, great.
But here above is a formal declaration of disassociation from two people who have caused a huge amount of stress and drama in my life, and because of this, I have to cut it all out. I don’t know if A.Y. feels bad about what he was doing with M.O., but he better. He should have “the guilties” as Dr. Scott Peck wrote in a book once about evil deeds. The soda pop thing is just the beginning of what people might do to make my life here in Denver Hell. But Honesty is my best policy.
Thank you all, and goodnight from Denver.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “Formal Declaration”

  1. it’s often hard to know who our friends are these days. you think somebody’s a good friend and they treat you like shit. in other words they walk all over you as if you’re a mat under their feet. I’m sorry I sound like that but some people are like that and it’s true. y grandmother never liked my cousin’s girlfriend or now X girlfriend she didn’t like the fact that my cousin’s X whose name was also beth btw was an unmarried mother and that the two of them should’ve gotten married before they had their kids. third time she was pregnant my grandmother called her a “fat cow.

    This all came to a head when my cousin Steven asked my grandmother to take him to hospital to have his wizdum teeth removed as they were giving him shocking pain.
    Nan wondered why he didn’t ask his own parents to take him and the X mother inlaw asked how much it was going to cost as nan had lent him $1800 so he could pay for the urgent surgery Beth knew nothing about it all and my second cousin had behavioural issues which we know now he has asbegess syndrome

    We never get involved with that side of the family these days or if we do we don’t say that much.

    Anyway I hope I haven’t hurt you too badly having an x family member of the same name of Beth.


  2. What a wonderful story. Kyle, I never thought these two would actually do things that were uncaring and downright cruel. They have to earn back my trust, and how can they do this if they’re not in the house? I don’t talk to my family, and here is one of the guys saying they want to call my parents. Well, my parents are not owning me, no matter what people say. I am estranged from the family due to the family’s disrespect for relationships and grown up ways. Phew, this post was weird.


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