Follow Up to the Absolute Slanderous Post, and the Attacks Don’t Look Good

Dear readers,
Just a short post. The girl responsible for the recent attacks has done it again: she has removed me from a message chat. Jessie, my friend in charge of the chat, decided that M.R., the girl responsible for the chat loss, will not be in a certain other chat he’s made. Of course, she keeps disobeying Jessie’s orders and saying she’ll remove me, Blake, Cindy, and others. Ana Cindy is sweet, and it was all about my friend Kee Kee. She refused to add the girl back to Kee Kee’s personal chat thing, and because of this, the girl removes me, Blake, Kee Kee, and others. Then, she adds her ex, Kee Kee’s current other half. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. So, in light of this, Jessie changed the rules and decided to go about having people around him in a different way. It’s a way that allows certain people to be admins, and this girl will not be an admin. You call me the unacceptable antisocial person on Social Media? Get out of town, girl. You need to realize you’re too immature to be anywhere near my friends, and my friends are all the friends you supposedly had. You think it’s cute to blow up W.T. and L.W.’s phones because you want it your way. Well, as someone who was also accused of doing so, but let’s say that I wasn’t taking my medications because I was not able to go anywhere and was ashamed of abuse, I can’t say your actions were valid either. M.P.R., leave all of us alone. Do not write about me, do not have anything to do with the Internet. I don’t care about the fact that the family is messed up, I don’t care. My family is holding my rights hostage because of blindness and they made up all kinds of excuses to do it. “Oh, she has severe emotional problems. She has Asperger’s (now known as High Functioning Autism.)” What a poor excuse to have guardianship. Well, take a look at this girl. She needs a guardian, incompetence orders, and thrown in an institution, she shall be. Yes, Master Yoda? I suppose this should happen sooner rather than later. Parents don’t support her being in love, well, Mr. and Mrs. R., I suppose you’re doing the right thing. Your daughter is a Queen Bee, a bully, and doing bad things to get her way. She seeks evil counsel to do evil things. I will not do evil things or seek evil wisdom. Evil is the only way I can describe your daughter. Sadly, you’ll have to beat the evil out of her, do an exorcism, etc. Do something to get her to bathe, dress, and so on. I have the capabilities of doing so much more than that poor little devil, and after she removed me, Ana Cindy, Kee Kee, and others from Jessie’s group, and trust me, it’s Jessie’s, not hers, she will have to be put in another place where no one known to her lives. One of her exes or maybe another one, that makes two, are dating my friends. Kee Kee is not going to put you back in chats, little one. So don’t even think about messing around.
Ok, it wasn’t so short, but I think after what the girl did, M.P.R. that is, we’re going to have to take further action against her. Mr. and Mrs. R., you need an alternate translator if you wish to call and discuss the fate of your daughter. All the abuses she commits against others on the Internet, including in private message chats, are unacceptable. I don’t remove people from Jessie’s chats, and if Jessie says he wants me and Blake in chats, he wants us in chats. There are limits to what will be done, but limits on your daughter’s use of the Internet you refuse to do. Get her off the Internet, Mr. and Mrs. R., and do something about the abusive behaviors. Send her to counseling, send her to an institution if this isn’t working. Don’t send her to CCB. What makes you think Colorado is heaven for the Devil’s daughters? Not for bullies and queen bees, I’m afraid.
Her senseless messages and repeated use of #ReedOnAir hashtags are driving Jessie nuts. Your daughter does not know how to use Twitter in a safe manner, so therefore, she should be off. Make sure she doesn’t say a word to me, or to my friends, and if she even wants to be in Jessie’s chats, she must not remove me, Blake, Ana Cindy, and others. I’m sorry, but this girl, your own daughter, as hard as it is to hear it as a parent, needs mental help. I’m done on my soapbox.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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