Ten Reasons Why Jasons Are Bad … Not All

Here are ten reasons that me and Jennifer came up with that Jason … not all Jasons, but one Jason in particular is bad news:
1. This is at the top of the list: he made nasty sexual comments about me. I’ve had it with guys making nasty sexual comments about women. First off, women need a lot more respect than Jason gives them. Women have the sacred job of getting pregnant and having the baby, but what do men do? They move on to another lady and then, … yeah, that’s what I mean. Not all men do this, but so many men decide to do this, and Jason might have been one.
2. Racism: Jason has expressed a lot of racist opinions of black people, especially black women. When he’s talking to a black girl on the phone, he is apparently being told by outside family that she’s black, therefore diseased, therefore he goes along with it. What about Natives? Jason has no clue I’m dating a part Native, and he must not read this blog because I am dating a part Native. And guess what? There is nothing stereotypical about Blake at all. I’m serious. HE doesn’t wear weird feathers, go out and rain dance, worship weird spirits, etc. That is not the Native way, or at least what Americans would deem the “Indian” way. I hate the word “Indian” to describe Cherokees and other tribes because Indian was a Columbian term that defined the natives of the new world as coming from an India that Columbus imagined. And Columbus? He was an ass hole. Sorry, people who are descendants from him. HE sailed the ocean in 1492 only to find the wrong place, so Indian is the wrong word to use for the people who inhabited even the Caribbean.
3. Confederate Loyalty: Jason is unpatriotic and expresses Confederate loyalties. His whole family is like this, but Jason’s loyalties are too old, and this is where the sexist and racist things come from. This period we live in is way after Reconstruction, and blacks and women are not put in a place where whites don’t see or hear from them.
4. Abuse: Jason has committed multiple acts of abuse against those he hates, particularly women and girls. HE could have easily done this to Amber, his own sister, but what can happen versus what did happen are two different things. Amber, Jason’s dear sister, has a lot more respect and yes, she has a sacred job in life, a sacred part to play in the cycle of life that Jason will never do.
5. Untreated Social Problems: HE has never really learned to make friends or was never treated for lack of social empathy.
6. He wants power and control. Jason always wanted power and control from both me and Jennifer, and this is why I’m writing this post. Girls, beware. This guy? Well, He wants power and control like no other. This is a particularly dangerous characteristic that sexual predators have.
7. Overuse of alcohol and other drugs is prominent in his family. His own birthmother drank so excessively that Jason was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, the culprit behind the sexist, racist, and otherwise bad things he has done.
8. He might end up having deviant sexual attitudes and desires. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wanted a little voice moaning on his computer. Or a big voice moaning on his computer might satisfy him. He has been known to get interested in what we blind people call “audio porn.” Ugh.
9. He has a terrible self esteem.
9A. HE is hijacking Jennifer’s memory files of herself and him doing various things, and saying, “If you don’t get back with me, I won’t let you have the files.” HE will isolate her from family and friends if this happens, so I warn you girls out there, be careful.
10. He could make seriously bad decisions while in relationships to isolate said girl from family and friends. HE will do this even to black women, white women, and so on. He wants a girl that is not of color to date him, referring back to the racism he exhibits on a daily basis.
There you have it. Ten reasons why both me and Jennifer are refusing to speak with a Jason, especially the big bad one we’ve been so familiar with. Jason, if you’re reading this blog, close your browser and get off the computer and do something productive with your life. Stop thinking about discrimination and think about the whole nation. Change your brain and go to counseling, please don’t talk to girls again, and go to a group therapy session and see if all these traits fits you.
So if they do, then great. Continue going to group. If they don’t, too bad. They do.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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