The Court Day

Dear friends,
Unfortunately, we have a serious case of internet crime on our hands. We do not have any way of restraining the girl responsible for all the trashy comments, impeding my job, getting my confidential information, and smearing my character. Well, she has not won. Even if the court denied the restraining order, I want to make one thing clear: the manipulations, stealing of confidential information, and getting involved with MY rehab info, is not allowed. All this being said, any preadolescent attacks and bad writing will be found and copied and I will go after the author of said writings for slander. I bathed whenever I bathe, and I will not be accused of doing otherwise. I’ve got photos that state that whoever did this does not bathe, does not brush her hair, and so on.
The same person thinks she’s the Queen of everything, but let me make another thing clear: I’m not all that either. She’s not gonna come near me at all. She can’t. Not if I do what I think I’m going to do next.
The next strategy is to let the Colorado Center know what kind of trouble the girl caused for me and some friends. The kind of stuff she wrote on Twitter was not imminent danger. Oh yes, I know, it may mean you can continue to torture me, Queen M—-, but I”m sorry, you can’t do this. If you continue, you could indeed land me in the pits of a grave. I could die if you did the wrong stuff. For more information, I’d watch the movie Cyberbully. Listen carefully to Taylor’s reaction to the fake profile in the film. Listen and choose what you think you would like for your life, Queen Bee. See if you can figure out what this lady in the film was exposed to. The girl, Taylor, was approached by a fake male profile. Now, I have to write a Colorado Congressman and see if maybe a certain antibullying and antiharassment act can be passed to include online out of state contacts. You say you’ll leave me alone, but you also said, in clear words, to “suffer for all you’ve done.” Calling me a bitch is wrong, and I have the stuff and a file on my computer, and I’ll collect more stuff to consider. Consider my feelings about this matter, Ma’am.
You could be a fake person, or you could be real, but if you were a real person, threatening to kill or maim me, you could land yourself a restraining order. Especially, I must add, if you’re at CCB and trying to cause damage. For now, I’m going to say this: victory will be mine because I’m going to do some more monitoring. I will not respond unless you are threatening me, but calling me obscenities and lacing my tweets with such things will get a retweet. Any threats? That’s right, any threats and that’ll be it. Threats to kill or lock me away are stupid, and I think you and others involved should be evaluated for psychological reasons.
Saying that someone doesn’t want to associate with me is stupid. You won’t win, and you can’t, even if the order was denied, you still lie, slander, and steal confidential information about me from other people or you could do it from Colorado rehab itself. So stay out of here, don’t come here, but if you do, I’m sorry, but you’ll be doomed. I’m sorry, whoever you are, the Queen of Everything will lose everything. It’s not funny and don’t think you’re reading the blog to be seriously desperate to get rid of me. IF you wanted to seriously get rid of me, I’ll tell you what, Congress here will decide what happens.
Say hello to the true Queen of Denver, me, Beth, and you’ll do what I want, what I say, and everything will be fine. You say I’m bad? Well, you messed with me in my voicemail, on my Twitter, on my Facebook, everywhere. Speaking your mind is not the same as cussing people out, threatening them, calling me names, you’ve done this long enough. The effects don’t linger much, but I will see that any younger personalities are protected. Anyone under seventeen reading this knows the lingering effects of bullies and their stupid stuff. If this lady were in school with me, I’d automatically do the right thing: get a restraining order, kick her out of high school, etc. She needs to take a bath, eat food that is for real, and date only men in her locale, that’s it. No more Jeremiah Ticket, Blink Nation, and so on. Just stick to the old home boys in your hometown, and I bet somebody will clean this person up.
Sorry, if anyone wants to tell me why I shouldn’t be alive, write it here. Otherwise, I’m breathing, I’m walking, talking, and yes, I’m actively seeking to get rid of bullies and Queens and so on who try and manipulate and steal others’ friendships like they think they’re in middle school. It’s over, and I won’t go back to court unless the Queen Bee approaches me.
Love to all my fans,

My Day In Words

Dear readers,
I went to work today, thinking I could not do a thing. I got an email from the boss supervisor saying I needed to do price comparisons, well, I found pretty low prices on stuff. That’s all I can say about work.
I”m sorry, but the recent attacks not only caused me to break down on an audio tweet, but it affected my sleep and concentration at work. Bullying, harassment, and continued threats to “get the authorities on you” will not help the situation. Let me explain, I do not have serious mental illness. When I contacted the officers in Denver about the recent attacks, I explained that the persons responsible did not seem to have any psychological diagnosis, and had made some illicit and untruthful things about me public. Let me say it again: I bathed. But I’m about to describe what happens when you don’t bathe.
First off, if your hair’s curly like mine, your hair becomes knotted and tangled. Little girls get this, and so do women, but tangled hair doesn’t look nice. What am I? Some rebel lady or biker babe? Oops, I forgot, I’m not.
Let me say this again also. Anything about the incompetence order or incapacitation is not public knowledge for all the world to see. The public mentions were proof that whoever is responsible for the attack had no regard for human dignity, no regard for human freedoms, etc. The Constitution says clearly, and I quote and paraphrase slightly, that no citizen shall be denied liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness without due process of the law. The attacker did not have any regard for all this, and has she read a social studies book lately? Or the Constitution, has she read this yet?
Well, that’s all.
Company has arrived!

The Crucified

The Crucified
By Beth Taurasi

I have carried this cross for 28 years,
I hear the crowd’s roaring through my ears,
“We want no friend but Her, we want no God but Brahma,
Visnu, Ra, and other gods besides, we want drama.”
I am feeling the weight of my sins upon me,
I am crawling to Galgatha’s Hill,
I feel that I’m being martyred because I’m not able to see,
It’s my fault that I’m mentally ill,
My Blake is weeping, profusely with the tears
And I wipe my veil across his beautiful face,
The print of his face, engraved through the years,
Says he will love beyond my death, beyond time and space,
I’m beaten by a girl with long black hair,
Holding a whip in her hand.
She says, “You’re a witch and a bitch and a snitch,”
She says she’s getting me banned
From all my life, not just Facebook and Twitter,
But all the things that connect me to Blake,
And while he weeps for the loss of his bitter
Cold tears pouring into the lake,
HE screams like a man and a banshee combined,
“Let her go, or I’ll throw the whip upon you.”
The black haired witch keeps throwing her wand,
And says, “I’ll crucify you too.”
I lay on the cross, engraved with a snare,
Swastikas, hearts, and a dagger,
“She bossed Blake around, she does not bathe”
“She has nothing but a body like a dragger.”
Blake lies next to me, no cross beneath,
Weeps so hard, he can’t speak.
He touches my dying face, etched in blue with a sheath
And opens my garments and takes a peak.
He takes the rope in his hand, throws it around.
The black haired witch stops and says,
“If you touch that dog on the cross tonight,
You shall join her round and round.”
Blake says, “You are false, you goddess of Hate!”
The crowd does not hear his cries.
The crowd stands around me, saying the same things,
“If you think you’re all that, stop telling lies.”
I say, “It is finished, Blake, go to your mother.”
But Blake throws himself on top of me.
HE wants to pull me out of this Hell that I’ve seen,
And says, “I love you. Come to me.”
His dear mother, standing close by me,
Says, “This witch who killed my beautiful girl,
She will pay for this in the pits of fire,
And we won’t see even a curl
OF her long black hair, the hapless hag,
She does not know what to do.
She only will sit, boast, and brag,
That she killed a woman like you.”
The woman comes to me, then taps my side.
But one of the men in the crowd,
Pulls a lance out, and strikes my waist,
Saying, “Get her a torn, black shroud.”
My body is buried, somehow in a tomb,
Blake stands by me, crying his lament.
HE says, “You horrible, falsehoods, lies!
Why would you be so malcontent?”
The next hour dawns light, my day breaks through.
I hear a voice, though you might think me dead.
“Beth, I am your Lord, your Savior, your King.
They did not do this just to you.”
They crucified my Son, Jesus, for you,
So you don’t have to feel the devil’s sting.
I’m doing what your dear husband has said once again,
I’m taking you out of this mess!
The black haired witch who tried to harm you,
I’m taking her away from the press,
I’m putting her under, I’m setting her down,
She will never be my Bride,
I swear to God’s right hand, her wedding gown
Will be torn as the shroud you hide.”
I stand up, the cloths fall off of me,
And Blake wonders what has happened.
You think the tomb is open, … what? I”m alive?
There, on the empty cross, Blake says,
“I shall burn this, the charges will no longer stand
Because the Black Haired Witch is banned.”
A bonfire burns, a grate is open,
Blake hands me his lovely dark face,
I stroke his head sweetly, and I cry too weak, to open
My dry and bloody lips, I say,
“Blake, I heard the voice of my Savior cry out
That the witch will burn, will never see me again.
She tried to kill me in the name of Drama,
And left me to die in the rain.”
I love you, Blake, you are my only link
To the world I could never imagine I’d live,
But I wish the witch would have some reason to Sink,
And in to the fire, she’d dive.”
Blake suddenly cries out, “My lover, my life!”
His tears calling to God with joy.
The rain begins to fall, and he takes me in his arms,
Unlike the others, the ones who act like a boy.
He says, “Come with me, my lady of love,
I will take you into my arms
Forever and ever, no witch does destroy us,
Black hair and brown, or any charms.”
For three days, I’d lain there, asleep in the night,
But when my true love’s kiss came near,
I arose like the princess who had seen her knight,
And the kiss burned my heart like a flame!
Blake said, “I will kill every dragon, witch, and goblin
That ever flies near your domain.
And no, not a single evil thing
Will ever leave you to die in the rain.”
I take my lover’s hand, and lead him away,
We dance in the rain all night,
And I can sense my true Lord smiling,
My jesus, the King of the light.

A Response to the Slanderous Post

To Whom It May Concern, and All Readers of WordPress,
There are a few things I’d like to discuss. Namely, I’d like to point a few things out.
The author of a certain slanderous post I’m about to cover in this particular entry said some bad things, lies, about me. I will say this, I apologized to said author of the post, and even after she supposedly accepted, she went off on me AGAIN! I have two documents of DM’s and tweets that detail how I’m supposed to “rot in hell” and so on. She cussed me and God out in both Tweets and DM’s, but the worst part comes next.
1. She identifies me as Beth T. Nice try, but does anyone in my blog circle know how to spell Taurasi? What is so hard about writing my last name OUT? I have more letters in it than just T. God, somebody help me. Lord, help us. It’s like I try and identify Blake as Blake T. What about ucker? Blake Tucker? Um, a disgraceful way to name someone, but that doesn’t quite narrow it down. IF you want to identify me, spell out my last name for Pete’s sake. Please, people. Look me up on Google, I’m right here.
2. This post stated I did not bathe and had unacceptable behaviors on the Internet. Well, no. First off, as a matter of fact, I took a shower this morning, and as a matter of fact, the author does not know me. She never smelled me, never went near me in person, so there’s no business talking about hygiene on a blog post. As my friend Silvia writes, “Ewwwwww, TMI.” I’m proud that someone got the picture.
3. The post further states that I shouldn’t be on social media. Um, no. I’m gonna stay on social media, and one woman can’t get me banned from all things social media because she wants it her way. I’m not getting my way, but slander and libel, is that a big word?, are both illegal and cannot be accepted. I don’t accept when after an apology, after blocking numbers and user names and handles on all kinds of communication lines, she STILL has the audacity to write such a horrible thing about me.
4. The post was redundant. After stating all the bad stuff, including, but not limited to the dishes part, which I’ll cover in the next item, and the dissociation of some people from me because of her actions, not mine, she goes back right around and does it again. Three times in a row she states the same things! It’s like talking to a preteen girl, not a young woman about to graduate high school. Or better yet, an accomplished musician who’s had two years of All State Choir, SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) chorus, many years of piano training, two years of university study in piano, flute, guitar, etc., … well, not flute, but piano and some beginning guitar. All this, I’ve done. What has the slanderer done? Nothing significant that she deserves an award for the role of Best Movie Villain of 2015. I would say she could get that as an Oscar nomination, but I don’t know whether she’d win an award.
5. She says I’m mean to “a good friend of mine” and names Blake in the post. I”m sorry, but Blake is not bossed around, is not manipulated, feels fine. If so, he’d not be with me at this time. We saw each other in person more than twice, and we’re gonna see each other more than fifty billion times over. A note to slanderers and harassers in the online community: do not be so redundant. You wrote all these points, be done with it. Do not slander someone unless you think it’s ok to do so and you know them in person. Just a general rule: slander and libel, written lies and stuff, is illicit and unlawful. Word of the wise: don’t lie about someone. For example: Obama has warts on his face. Does President Obama have warts on his face or not? I can’t say because I can’t see his picture, so I don’t care whether President Obama has warts or blemishes on his face. I could say, in some form of a respectful tone, that “I’m a bit concerned about President Obama’s weird little hairy mole and I saw it while he was eating a waffle.” Oh Lord, the Obama waffle on Ebay would be a hit if someone said this, ok? Back to my topic.
6. The post that slandered me says I “make” my caretaker do the dishes. FYI: you’re not understanding the point of Medicaid’s Long Term Care services. This kind of information is confidential, and the Care Plan cannot be released to the author of that post. I don’t make anyone do my dishes. I can’t have a dishwasher in this stupid studio apartment, and I’m serious, it’s cramping up on me because I have lots of stuff. I so wish I had a dishwasher and a laundry unit in here, and of course, bookshelves.
7. Dissociation from other people is covered as well. Well, the author is a Queen Bee. Let me put it this way: Rosalind Wiseman has a beautiful book about “queen bees and wannabees.” It says so in the title, and the book is amazingly awesome, and it’s for parents. It’s about helping your adolescent daughter survive cliques, gossip, boyfriends, and all sorts of high school … drama and hoopla. The author of the blog post I mention earlier claims that she has “evidence” in “emails.” Who has a right to say this? Ok, let me tell you how this is gonna end:
1. Slander will be looked for, and I will find it all.
2. I would like to remind readers and all the WordPress community that I might have said something, but even after we apologized and agreed to leave each other alone, the slanderer decided to do this awful deed and write a terrible selection of tweets and steal things and friends. Calling my defensive behavior “unacceptable” points to a need for submissive friends. Well, Blake doesn’t submit. I won’t submit. Submission to someone like the writer of the slandering post is unhealthy and unsafe for all people.
3. Libel and harassment charges may pend. I may need to get this post as evidence so that I can show a judge that this person, whoever it is, needs to leave me alone. I’ve said this in a Tweet before, tried to avoid looking at my call logs, and so on. Next thing you know, someone’s gonna be contacted by a police or principal or authority figure, and the picture won’t look pretty.
I seriously hope that all of you look carefully at the redundancy of the slanderer’s words, and report this. I”m not engaging any more in this stupid war. I just want to live my life, go out, get a job, have a family, etc. I don’t need jailtime, I don’t need to “suffer the consequences” as was repeated in the tweets. It seems nobody is responding the correct way to this wicked thing! I’m being called really bad names, cussed at, told to “go rot in Hell.” And indifference is how most of the community responds? This post, whatever I’m responding to, is complete slander and will not be tolerated. Please, whoever this is, take it down! Otherwise, keep going and you’ll probably end up in a bad situation, and that’s no threat. When someone writes lies like that in public, and online is public after all, that person will or one way or another way have to pay for this. It happens all the time with celebrities, like Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games. After the big Hack of Sony Pictures, Miss Lawrence had pics of her exposed all over the Internet, pics that should not have done their crawling on to the Internet.
So please, all you harassing people, slanderers, don’t make war with me anymore. Stop writing me bad stuff, stop reading my blog, the comments you leave on my blog concerning me will get spammed anyway. So why bother reading this? You know what you wrote, and it’s a bunch of lies. The person who will probably tell you this is Blake. He knows me better than anybody.
Anyway, not to be redundant or repeat myself, but I’m staying on social media, and that’s that. I have done nothing after the apology, but because of the slander that was done on the Twitter account and the WordPress blog, I have to respond with dignity and grace, telling the world that I do not have most of the issues. I don’t have “major mental issues.” What needs to be rectified anyway? I took meds for eight years and my body got out of whack because of it. Happy? Well, no. The medications that I’m taking now are not safe for some kinds of states for women, and I am finding out that stress and possible prediabetic symptoms could be causing the awful fits of illness I get repeatedly. I have had ten missed circles around, and I won’t have any more. Since the slanderer is not a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, etc., she has no right to diagnose me with any “behavior issues.” It is she who has them, and after I promise to leave this girl alone, she’s doing this! And I’m getting a lot of indifference from my community. Help me.


Dear Reaeders,
Sunday. The Holiest Day of the Week. I could barely sleep, so I was finally able to find the Phantom of the Opera film from like 2004. Wow. It brings back lots of memories for me. I loved that play, and I’ll tell you why. Christine Daiye is the daughter of a Swedish violinist, and Raoul is her lover. He’s a viscount in France, and Christine loves him, but then the Phantom of the opera is weird and the play gets weirder when the Phantom falls for her. He hates Carlotta Judicelli, this Italian diva girl who tries to sing this weird stuff and do weird things, tries to throw Christine off the stage. My favorite scene is when she says, “Your part is silent, little Toad.” Well, the Phantom, watching from a balcony, says, “Carlotta, perhaps it is you who are the Toad.” And believe it or not, someone sprays Carlotta’s throat, then … wow. She tries to sing, and it turns deadly. Well, not quite that, but she’s weird. She ends up off the stage. She tries to play the Countess, but then Christine sings that role. All because the Phantom loved her, he made sure she got all the lead roles. Raoul, of course, loved her too, but the love triangles are always amusing. I love the Phantom of the Opera. Honestly, there are many Phantoms and Christines out there, and I don’t know how to say it, but … well, I couldn’t sleep. I love the part at the end where Raoul puts the music box, a collector’s item by then, into Christine’s gravesite. Raoul loves her too much by that time, then you see a rose at the end, Christine’s engagement ring tied on to it with a black ribbon. There’s a pattern, a visual you don’t see till you hear the descriptions. They were wonderful.
Anyway, whatever I do here stays here. Btw, I just got out of the shower. Felt good taking a hot shower. Yay!
With love,

Twenty Facts About Me: Setting the Record Straight

Twenty Important Things About Me: Setting the Record Straight

Dear readers,
It has come to my attention that there are things about me that are bad, that could potentially destroy my character. I will not say where these things come from, but some information that was given me is a lie.
Let me tell you what people said about me, then set the record straight.
1. She doesn’t bathe. Well, I do. I didn’t for two important days of the week this week, but I also was a bit awkward this month. It seemed I didn’t shower because of the supplies money and stuff. I’m working on this, and I’ve bathed a lot. I bathe when going out, normally. I bathe a lot and especially when others are around, such as Blake and my caregiver, and there is something else to say regarding that.
2. She makes her caregiver do the dishes. Do your own dishes. Well, I’ll say this. Don’t think I ‘cannot do the dishes, but I’m sick of doing dishes by hand. Family sized dishwashers aren’t allowed here, and I’m averted to washing dishes because I’ve done this under duress whether by Center people (I won’t say who) or roommates who were sighted. Again, I will not say who. I was judged for not washing dishes or was forced to if late for appointments or training. I don’t feel that’s a good way to teach punctuality because I had a memory surface about my mom and dad using my opinions as grounds for punishment. I tried to write something like a story or whatever. I was punished by way of taking the computer away. When I got bruised on my lip once when I was seventeen, I emailed a couple of trusted adults about this, resulting in the same thing. Well, there’s no excuse for anyone in authority to brutalize someone in the submitting position. That includes, but is not limited to, prisoner and warden, parent to child, teacher and student, all that stuff. There’s simply no way I would hit my child, student, employees for not doing something I would like done. And FYI: the caregiver was paid for by Medicaid, and such funding is not available for readers only, which I would prefer so I can have my mail done. This leads to the next thing.
3. She’s mean to Blake. What? I would never do anything harmful to my Blake. I love Blake with all my heart, and I think his mom oughta know this. IF I were mean to him, he’d know about it by now. I’ve been told by someone that if Blake weren’t with me, she’d take him in an instant. Well, there’s a book called Queen Bees and Wannabees. It talks about such things as the boyfriend as status symbol thing. Well, Blake isn’t a status symbol. Blake is my special someone, my dear friend, my lover but still, he is my dear special friend. He loves me still, even after I write what I write, do what I do, and try to defend myself.
4. I have also been told that I poke my nose into other people’s business. If there’s something that I see, and that includes dignity issues with people with disabilities, I will poke my nose in there. I’m sniffing, as a matter of fact, and smelling some bad stuff going on with stuff. I’m honestly not happy with the way people are thinking about me or treating me. I”m a person, and I have rights to write stuff under the Constitution. Did anyone know this? Ok, let’s see. Here’s another thing I was told.
5. I’m going to say this very delicately without naming people. I feel unsafe around some people. I’ve been told that so and so will not associate with me and I don’t deserve friends. Well, whoever did this, I don’t care who said they hate me, you can hate me all you want, but it doesn’t change the facts. Next item really bugs me.
6. You have major issues that need to be rectified. Well, I’m honest. I have a mild mental illness that stemmed from parental abuse, both emotional and psychological. I was told many years ago not to date or have a relationship. In high school, such relationships are sometimes not sincere, but depending on the persons involved, such relationships can be genuine. Blake never had a date in high school, except for a girl in prom. I never had a prom date or the chance to go out in that beautiful gown. I’d like a beautiful gown this time, and when Blake and I do anything special, I want to dress up. I enjoy dressing up on dates and such. I enjoy that stuff because it’s just the thing to do. Issues? My God, I do have some, but it’s not to the degree mentioned in the comments. I don’t like it when someone says all this to me, and I feel like I’m not safe on the Internet. I have a plan to make it safer for all of us.

I can’t write about any other things I am doing in my life it seems like. There are bugs that are literally crawling around the Internet, looking for more ammo and saying that my opinions and some facts don’t matter in the world, that I’m not a person, that I’m worthless, and I’m sorry, not bathing is not the issue. Nobody says this about me, so telling people I know about me in such a trashy and horrible way? I can’t deal. It has been brought to my attention that I am psychologically impaired, which is not true. I have no instabilities, and the tests at Mental Health Center of Denver say so. I’m planning on further assessments to see whether any parental control is needed. Incompetence is not appropriate for me because, look guys, I’m writing! I can articulate my wants and desires on the Internet. How many incompetent individuals do this without broken grammar, bad sentences, and … bad spelling? Yes, it’s great to know Braille, and learn Braille with a display or paper. I look at Braille documents all the time. Sometimes, a screen reading software will pronounce things the same even if the word is misspelled. That’s where spelling comes in. I was 13th place in my county’s spelling bee. I won the school’s bee, which at least sent me to the county. I’d like my son/daughter to compete one day in the National Spelling Bee. I’d love that, but will the dumb ones, the bad ones, the incompetent and cognitively impaired people do this? I don’t know and I don’t think so. I was not in Exceptional Education for mental and developmental disabilities. I am not living in a group home. I’m living independently and on my own, and this will stay that way. Blake and I plan to have a life together, and I’d love that, but we need to make sure that people do not get envious of us. We’ve got a solid relationship, a solid friendship, something nobody or nothing can take away. I have a few notes to say to his dear mom:
I love your son. I am not mean. I am not crazy. I’m trying to defend myself against bad rumors and bad stuff. Being told that I’m not worthy of someone’s friendship doesn’t bother me as much as someone trying to fantasize about my badness and craziness. Well, Kathy, I love you a lot, and even if you were a strawberry pie, I’d still care about you and love you a lot. You have Blake and you’re lucky that Blake found me. We’re a solid couple, and we plan to stay that way. Whatever these things floating around about me say, they’re lies. I would bathe, and I know how to. I don’t ever go a day or even three days without it. I am not a sick person in this manner, and I want you to know that I’m not going to let poisonous snakes near myself or any person who says they care about me. Poisonous snakes are bad, and there’s a little poem about those things: I think it’s red or black on yellow, you’re a dead fellow. Red on black, you’re ok Jack. I hope that’s true. Readers, correct me if I’m wrong about the snakes and all. I have used the poem I learned about snakes to help stay away from poisonous rattlesnakes at camp and stuff. In Florida, we have coral snakes. Ewwwwww, they’re really poisonous, and their venom is not easy to get rid of.
Well, bee venom is not easy to get rid of either. Yellow jackets are terrible, so are wasps. I know because a girlfriend of mine at the Center got stung by one. It was weird and scary. This young lady was out trying to eat a pork chop she grilled. But that darn wasp, dang it, it landed on the pork chop, and she wanted to get it away, but guess what happened next? Yep, she was stung in the lip. Since she’s allergic, the Center people had to call 911. That’s easy enough, but when I walked outside to grill a quesadilla, I heard sirens. I was like, “Uh oh, sirens? What the …” I learned later that this girl had thrown up, had a bad reaction to the venom, and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. Oh no! She was attended by a firefighter or two, a rescue truck, and so on. I thought this was scary stuff, and the bees and wasps around her were instantly killed by the guys in the truck.
In daily news, my ex, Deq, my dear friend, has the coolest uncle in town. I learned that his uncle drives paratransit vehicles now, and my friend Art talked to me about it. Art’s amazing, sweet, and has been dear to me as of a year ago. We met at the NFB Colorado Denver chapter Christmas party. Now, Art’s getting married, and it’s going to be a really great wedding. But now, Diana, his dear fiance, needs post operation care because her hand was operated on, and she may not use it for four to six weeks. I said, “Recommend her for All State.” They’ve been too awesome with me for me to say no way to them, and I’d never know any other company. I’d not go with anyone else. Anyhow, I think I’m done for now. All of us, take care. Thank you all for your support.

Why Bullying Is Bad and What I Will Do About Bullies In All Settings, Including School and Workplace

Dear Readers,
Phew! What a weird day. Between Olmstead complaints and some kid in New York causing me problems, and literally leaving me four messages, and then a fifth call came in. Well, it’s been five times already, and it’s only today. M.R. called me five times, and she’s on the prowl and trying to destroy my Internet life. My digital life was great till she was set off by a simple, “What? Did I miss something? Who blocked who?” I was asking Renee Vandercook, a friend of my friend Jessie. Then, oh no, I was told she removed my good friend Jessie from his own chat. Poor guy. He’s a much more awesome guy than most guys. Jessie is older, employed, and awesome. Awesomeness doesn’t only describe him, it describes my baby, Blake. You know, let me shift gears a bit. Blake Tucker and Beth Taurasi have the same sort of shortened initials: BT and BT. And you know what my ex called me? Yes, BT. It’s funny, but I’m serious.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The New Yorker who contacted me is about to learn a tough lesson on cyber crimes and bullying. She has trashed me in high school, claims she had a bad childhood, and … well, bullies often have had violence in the home or some form of bad childhood. You could say to the man who says a lady molested his daughter, “Oh, but the teacher who is male had a terrible childhood.” No, that’s not an excuse. Predatory behavior is never ok. It’s obvious that the predatory behavior is stupid and won’t do anything. It lands the person in jail.
Let me read out a case study in a book I was reading about predators. I’d like to say this is courtesy of Leigh Baker’s “Protecting Your Children From Sexual Predators.” Dr. Baker wrote a great book, and it’s awesome. It gave me the simplest way to even detect whether an abominable ex was really a possible child predator, and you won’t believe how he scored: out of the ten characteristics Baker names, he scored a nine out of ten, possibly eight. With the exceptions of deviant sexual attitudes and behaviors and possible substance abuse on a chronic level, this guy had a lot of the psychological issues that could have him become a predator. He’s well on his way to being a kid predator if he doesn’t get help, and right now, at 23, he’s not getting help. Anyway, Dr. Baker’s book has a wonderful case study of an accomplished teacher called Harvey, and he taught girls and boys at an exclusive prep school. To summarize things, he had an affair with Michelle, a girl of fourteen, and Harvey was like twenty-nine. The student was preyed upon due to the parents not being too careful and being naive about the way the teenager was being taken in by Harvey. Well, the very beginning of said case study talks about Harvey’s past. It’s riddled with child abuse, expectations that were too high, and the females hated him in the family. His sister banished him from her closet because she wanted to have something done with her boyfriend, serious sex was happening right there in front of Harvey, and the sister beat him up and threw him out. This propelled Harvey into being a “narcissistic predator.” He’s highly accomplished, the narcissistic ones are at least. Well, using a bad childhood is never a good excuse to trash me like this on Facebook. Blake would never tolerate Halloween, God’s name in vain, graveyards, and so on. But if Halloween is blanked out from the calendar, I can see what my kids will say, “We hate your policy on Halloween. We never knew what happened. We don’t understand.” How can you impose your own opinions on little innocent kids who don’t even know about tragedies? It’s like saying that because I waqs killed in a car crash, you impose restrictions on your wife and tell her things like, do not ride in cars. Ok, it could also translate to counseling for the kids because they could blame the father for being bad. Well, Harvey’s dad was equally in need of help as my kids might. The dad in the narcissistic family demanded respect. Blake is sweet, but being “head” of a family should not entail a totalitarian dictatorship by a man who doesn’t know what it feels like to be a lady. that’s what Harvey tried to do with his same age wife. And it didn’t work, he ended up having said affair with the fourteen-year-old girl, and she fell into the trap.
Well, Harvey’s past is not an excuse as Baker writes in her book for his bad behavior. So M.R.’s bad behavior cannot be excused by “She has no friends. She’s feeling bad. She is in pain.” This girl could ultimately cost me a job. So readers, please be careful of her. She could call me five hundred more times. I could get the worst nightmare of my life: no facebook, no Skype, no twitter. Ugh. What if I woke up and M.R. threatened one of my friends?
The good news is I think i found a better solution for Nick in Iowa. The Mary Bryant Home for the Blind is the perfect place for Nick and his now girlfriend Haley. I love them both. I looked at the website from Mary Bryant, and it’s an amazing little place. There are about forty-something residents at the place, located in Springfield, Illinois. Haley’s going, and I looked. There’s no more neglect and stuff for her now. The thing is that Nick needs to move there so he and Haley could get married and I see them living together in peace and harmony. When we talked with Nick on the phone, I nearly cried thinking what his life would be like in the Crest home. I’m sorry, but I want Nick to die a happy man. we’re all gonna die as I and Blake often say when we’re joking around. But it’s true: all of us are made to go to the Heavenlies. Earth is a temporary stop right now. I’m just passing through as well. God is waiting for all of us who follow and believe in him, and those who come to the water will drink and be well. I want Haley and Nick to live and die together in peace, harmony, and joy and when they are in the Heavenlies, bells will ring. Not so much the sad bells of Death, but in Heaven, you hear happy bells of “Welcome.” Yes, Earth death bells are sad and low, but when you go to Heaven, Jesus and the Angels will greet you with joyous bells. Bells, bells, bells. You’ll hear something even sweeter than the Westminster Quarters of a clock. The Heavenly Bells will sound when you wake up there, your body will have been shed, but you will float on wings like an angel. When Haley and Nick go up there, they will each be given a golden instrument, a flute or a harp. Maybe Nick would get a flute and Haley a harp. I don’t know quite what they’d do. When you reach Heaven, there is no marriage, Haley and Nick will both be one with God. God will hold them forever in his arms, and they will remember each other in peace and freedom. They’ll fly about and flutter around the rooms and the fields. They’ll fly about the meadows, saying things like, “Doesn’t this look awesome!” By then, their old bodies, probably about ninety and so many more years older than their souls, will have been buried with the Dead. I want to write on Nick’s epitaph: Nicholas Vogt, You Were Worth Fighting For. That is, if I’m stil alive. But I want my kids to possibly help Old Blake, the father of the family and an old great grand by this time, buy a tombstone for Nick and Haley. I can see the writings on the stones resembling those of freedom fighters, revolutionaries, and heroes. Jenny Hatch is on her way to getting one too. I don’t know if she has much more to live, and that’s because a Down’s child doesn’t live much beyond thirty. Just a fact I learned from the doctor books and some other young classmates of mine who had uncles with Down’s. Blake and I should get a proper burial when we both go, and I want our stones to say, “Elizabeth Ann Tucker, September 20, 1986-January 22, 2089. Devoted wife, mother, lover, caretaker, and fighter for freedom.” The death date is just an example, not that it will happen. My epitaph should say something about this whole Nick and Haley thing.
But let’s go away from the subject for now. All I need to say is that I told Nick he’d die an old man warm in his bed beside Haley, looking at her sweet face, telling her she’s special before he closes his eyes for the last time. While the heaven bells ring, Haley will go too. They will both be running and flying about and fluttering below and above meadows of wildflowers. I don’t think Heaven’s streets are paved with gold. I don’t think so. And Nick doesn’t need three wives to get there, you weirdos in the FLDS church reading my blog. All he wants is Haley, and Haley cares more about him now that she’s leaving and nobody can tell her who to date. Even if she lives at Mary Bryant, I said, “Nick, if you move there, you’ll have the ability to hang with Haley in the courtyard, meet with her, do anything with her.” You will have a big old group of friends, it’ll be awesome. Anyway, I’m getting tired now. Phew! Wow. I better get to bed. Blake has net in the morning.
But a word about bullies, any bully caught doing a bad thing on my Facebook, I’ll have a word with you. I”m not having anyone else deal with this, and if you say the wrong thing, you could turn on the wrong switch. I’ve already had to block M.R.’s number with a call block app, and it’s semiaccessible with Android. I used it to count the logs of her messages and calls. Anyway, I really want to get my bed warm now. Goodnight, world.