Letter to a Lost Friend

Dear Nick,
Yes, this is Beth. I am very worried about you.
As a person who is blind and otherwise disabled, may not be able to work that way, I am worried that you are being thrown off the face of this earth. Nick, I have already set things up so that the NFB of Iowa and Disability Rights Iowa will indeed find you. I don’t know how this will happen, but I already talked to Donna Prime, president of the NFB of Iowa as of this year. She will indeed help with stuff about you. I hope that this helps. Nick, honestly, I don’t understand what will happen to you if the staff don’t clear the air. Nick needs to be able to communicate with others of his own identifying “subspecies”, I’d say to the staff, but then if I try calling your house, I’m afraid they will threaten me with death or something. I”m afraid of the staff and the way they feel about you. I want to talk to you, Nick, and tell you that Prime is taking care of the situation, and should get to you soon. I’ve already thought about you all the time, and I think it’s obvious you’re being bombarded with bad things about disability rights groups. People say, “But it’s not abuse if he’s being denied an iphone. Those are expensive.” Yeah, but haven’t we thought of the blind being able to use basic cell phones? No company will sell you a phone of this magnitude. Denying you your iphone is a bogus bullshit thing the staff think they can do. They’ve used scare tactics and takeaways to do things to you that are stupid. Honestly, I think it’s damaging to see you go through what you’re going through. I’ll say this today, we’re honestly waiting for you. Nick, I hope you are indeed ready to come out and say, “I don’t want restrictions anymore.” Adults don’t really follow that rigid a boundary. No healthy adult person needs such “boundaries.” I am a fierce advocate of disability rights, both in and out of group homes. Emotional abuse is a bad thing. I better go to the website I’m about to put in this blog.
anyway, Nick, I’m wondering how you are and what you’re doing. Joseph Colunga called me last night. He’s weird, but still the same Joseph I do like and respect as a friend. He’s the same old guy who calls me Bleth and all that weird stuff. AS for you, Nick, I pray that you get a way out of Harlan, besides that town has been hell for you. Hell has many good intentions paved within its blackened streets, where hearses roam instead of angels, where fire engulfs all things. Hell is simply the absence of God and then some. That’s where the bad ones go, and aside from fire, blackened streets, and hearses everywhere, your Hell has all the other qualities: restrictions beyond your control, accusations, and people claiming to help. What about Justina Pelletier? What about Jenny Hatch? What about the others who’ve been there, done that, etc? I am your advocate and friend, and I won’t stop till you’re free. I hope that Miss Prime does her job and decides to take your case to Scott LaBarre and someone who will listen and hear you. A blind lawyer is someone you have probably never known. However, Scott’s a firebrand somewhat like myself. I praise his work, though we haven’t talked. I better talk to LaBarre some more. Anyhow, my peace with you is clear. I’ve written enough, so I’m ending this piece by saying, keep your head high, keep your nose clean, and stick with your friends.
Beth Taurasi

To those of you who need the site I’m about to post, go here and check out the victims page. You’ll be surprised. Everybody’s vulnerable to guardianship abuse and neglect, restrictions, and other things that might compromise or violate disability law. We as a disabled community have a right to live in the world, and we’re going to exert this right beyond the reaches of the Internet.


Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

6 thoughts on “Letter to a Lost Friend”

  1. Beth This topic when I read it I knew that Nick was going through what I would call a difficult set of circumstances. Now that I think about it, I haven’t asked how things are going in regards to that because it was almost either daily or weekly that the matter of getting him out of the group home would be talked about.

    it’s not been brought up for a while and things on that front have been quiet but again I probably shouldn’t ask or else the topic’s probably going to be reignited again.


    1. Sadly, I have heard nothing from nick over the last month. Its almost Saint Patrick’s Day for you and for me it will be the 16th now. I need to follow up and see if Nick is even able to get out of his situation or is he being starved or neglected or mistreated. I need to look into the situation and see what happens. I honestly am very afraid that staff may have confiscated his stuff out of me your selfishness.


  2. did you mean that you weren’t sure whether whether nick’s stuff was comfiscated out of your attempts to follow up or out of selfishness?
    I wondered whether I was being selfish or you were typing in a hurry and you were probably tired sorry for any misheard stuff or misread stuff.


    1. Sadly, I think nick stuff was taken out of me your selfishness of the staff. Saying that he is not to be trusted with an iPhone or any independence AIDS is ridiculous. Sighted people can use a flip phone fine, but nick can’t. He needs a phone that works. A phone that will work and that he can call me on. And nobody I mean nobody should alienate people for me.


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