The Sanctity of Human Life: About People with Disabilities And Why Abortion of Such Children is Morally Outrageous

Dear Readers,
It has been given me that 90% of fetuses tested positive for Down’s Syndrome are aborted. Why is this, you ask. All because the couple have a distorted dream. Couples bearing children have a distorted “perfect child” in their minds. Oftentimes, couples will bear a child, and in the developed countries such as the United States, China, or India, the couple will selectively abandon or abort the “imperfect” or “inappropriate” child. I approached a woman today at church who is the director in a Life Center. Life Choices ministry is a center that cares for women who’ve had abortions, caring for such women before they try, after they’ve had abortions, and so on. There’s a thing missing though in their education and advocacy part: what about keeping babies with disabilities?
I approached this lady and said a few things to her about my life, how I was born blind, and how prenatal tests for Down’s Syndrome could lead a doctor or well meaning OB to say something like, “This child will be a vegetable.” The doctor could talk us into getting an abortion, which my partner and i would never do. I’ve spoken many times about this prospect, and it never has crossed my mind that I would ever do something like this. there’s a couple of words that pop up in my mental scree: more like three words. Margaret Jeanne Hatch. She was born in a suburb in Virginia with Down’s. She has a deep love of God and Christ, and was not allowed to go to church due to group home restrictions and guardianship. She’s a hero in my eyes because she got rid of her parents’ and family’s care. She did not want to live with restrictive guardians, and people tried to hide her from the world, from God, from Jesus. However, Jenny (that’s what we called her later) became a Christian and she worships God freely and lives in the world. I honestly believe it should be illegal to abort babies with disabilities, and parents should be educated about the true lives and thoughts of people with disabilities.
I’ll give a few examples of why the parents should be more active in kids with disabilities’ lives. I’ll tell you what. Jessie, a blind guy from Florida, was born this way. Had his mother not been a Hispanic Catholic, not been informed enough, not understood that blindness was minor compared to the stillborn baby she had had before, she probably would have aborted the baby. Guess what? Jessie is a lively, employed, full living man. He jokes around online, has the most broken humor I’ve ever thought of, and calls Blake every weird name in the book. Well, not bad names, just the funniest things that make us laugh. Had Jessie not been given the chance at life, where would I be? What about myself?
Had my own mother not understood that life was a choice, even if she had me out of wedlock, I would not be writing this post today. I would never have had the opportunities I had, but I have a long way to go. I still have to marry, get a house, raise a family, do normal things that nobody would take for granted had they not realized that if I were sighted, it would just happen. Because I’m blind, and because of my status as an illegitimate child of some numb nut who doesn’t know me, I’m sorry, but I still need more. I don’t have a Bachelor’s in English. I don’t have my degree completed, yet all my sighted friends are working, with jobs, etc. There is a huge proportion of disabled unemployed people. Jessie is the luckiest dog on the planet. Well, a lucky man. He found the job and had all the right people in his life.
Prenatal testing is not ethical, whether a woman is 40 or 25. IF Blake and I decided to have a family naturally, we’d have to know our OBGYN doc and decide, is this doctor pro life? We’d have to have a lot of stuff to think about. I would never kill or give up a child in a happy marital setting. There’s a few reasons why: stability, proof of abilities, and the fact that others are trying to attack our abilities due to blindness and for me, the so called mental illness. The mental issues have been made public knowledge unlawfully, so I’ll say this once and once only in this writing: I don’t have mental illness as a result of any epigenetic coding. It can go away if the environment and stress factors are different. For instance, if I’m able to speak with Blake on a regular basis, if I’m able to choose to go somewhere, the infrastructure is perfectly fine, and best of all, if job opportunities and work recruitment is better. I won’t be happier in an environment with rurality in it like Titusville was. I can’t fathom myself back in the Space Coast in Florida. You would think Titusville had the opportunities, but most of its VI citizenry were elders, retired folks, etc. AARP robbed me of the chance to meet younger individuals with a mentoring mindset so I could get a job.
If we continue to euthanize and abort the disabled, we will have no acceptance of difference. Blake and I are different. If we want to have a baby with Down’s, that’s our right. We will have such a baby, and we could adopt such a child. In developing countries, I’ve read stuff about a blind boy, a baby for this matter, who was given a death mass. What are you talking about, you might ask? Well, the parents had no education, no information about blindness as being a minor setback, no tragic accident. So the parents decided to make it so the baby died. What an outrage! If I ever gave birth to a baby with a developmental disability, however, I would have to track how the child develops. If the baby is able, and it grows into a man or woman, I’d never doubt the capacity of said child. I would want my Down’s or whatever kid to get married. I hope, and I pray, that women all over the world will see this post and ask themselves, why am I making the choice to kill my baby? Yes, I was pro choice, and I believe to some degree that if a lady could NOT bear children naturally, she should have a choice. But not to kill a baby with a disability. Not for the sake of the distorted dream of perfection in the human race. I personally am affected if anyone passes laws that say these women who are child bearers must have prenatal tests. I would ban such tests. I’ll say why. I don’t want my fellow disabled individuals to be deemed inappropriate for life. Life is not a club. Life is God’s only love and joy. Life is what God wants us to experience, and to have forever. The human race will have imperfect people in it. I know plenty of young individuals who are blind, but I have a friend named Lici. She’s blind and employed, taking over someone’s old job. Lici was a childhood pal of mine, and we used to get at each other. Had prenatal testing detected her blindness, what would have happened with her mom? Lici said she’d made such a wrong choice, but I don’t want to say she’s bad for doing it. I forgive her for doing so. There are consequences for sex, and I am aware. However, I don’t want my temple, my body, to become someone’s playground for rape and incest. To prevent this, throughout my life, I’ve tried to keep out of the brothers’ bed, keep away from other men except for the ones I’ve been in relationships with, and I’ve never traveled at night past a certain time unless I’m in a taxicab. If not, there’s no way I can travel. I’d have to have spent the night in a hotel as my friend Art would’ve asked me to do. I had to travel once at midnight, and had to put Access A Ride on Will Call because of the banquet I wanted to attend, and stuff happened and it was a long thing. I was ultimately forced to travel at night, and afraid, and had no cell phone. Bad idea.
Fortunately, no man approached me with the crazy psychological state of “I want to get further drunk.” Men didn’t touch me that night, and I was blessed to have gotten home in a timely manner to go to bed, straight to bed, no passing Go or collecting money on the way. Well, I probably would have collected $200.
The point is that there are consequences for every action, and Blake would’ve probably been upset with whoever did what ever to me, and we would’ve had to pay for anything. The thing is that women cannot pay for the long suffering of an adult child who goes to jail for murder or something. I wonder if Ted Bundy’s mom would’ve done away with the boy who’d been the murder suspect and later executed had she known that Ted would have an epigenetic brain structure that would lend itself to a murderous personality. Mr. Bundy was executed for his bad behavior around women and his killing of vulnerable individuals. Bundy also had this weird obsession with porn. Ugh.
I don’t think epigenetics would work on blind people. I don’t think there’s any exucse to kill a baby because if it kills as an adult, it’s responsible for its actions. Well, as a pro life advocate, I will never know if I will indeed witness women aborting their children over disability or gender selection. Anyway, company just walked in the door. Ah, I’ll do a Part 2 later.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “The Sanctity of Human Life: About People with Disabilities And Why Abortion of Such Children is Morally Outrageous”

  1. Again a very powerful post. there are times where abortion is deemed necessary on health grounds only. not talking about disabilities but in general. If both the mother and the unborn child were at risk of death doctors would decide whether to save the mother or the unborn child and if that meant terminating the unborn child it would have to be. Anyway, I’m sorry but I’m going to get off my soap box but abortion is wrong. Anyway, women shouldn’t be aborting their babies whether they have disabilities or they don’t


  2. I see where this goes. If the unborn child was ectopic, I say that’s fine. There are treatments available for ectopic pregnancies, and I’ve stressed this to friends, but that’s where it ends.


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