If You Do One Thing Today – Share this, You Will Be Saving A Life #SuicideHotlines

I could’ve committed such things. But suicidal thoughts are no good. It’s always good to talk to others that you trust, however, I had no supports. There was no hotline, and I was judged as a bad person for having suicidal thoughts. This is an important post, and I hope you all will read this. Especially if you have a friend or relative with these problems. Talk to that person, let them make a judgment based on something that respects the sanctity of human life.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

2 thoughts on “If You Do One Thing Today – Share this, You Will Be Saving A Life #SuicideHotlines”

  1. Having suicidal thoughts doesn’t mean you’re a bad person people often don’t want you to think such things. Even I’ve thought such things once but was talked out of it by a teacher at the school I went to at the time I thought about it. I’m open about a lot of things but if things are going on in my life I try to keep a lid on it I’m a person who is reluctant to seek counciling but it’s not because I prefer to keep my emotions and feelings to myself but it’s because of the financial cost too. but at the time I was having counciling something I will never forget was said discouraging me from seeing a councillor. I was told I was the reason a particular councillor left her position but this was a lie to try and make me see the school councillor If I need to pay $120 to see a councillor I’d be one to try and hide the costs because money questions send me spare. Anyway, I don’t think those things anymore thank god but I do still feel I need to chat to a councillor from time to time but I think i’ll just keep putting it off as long as I possibly can and say life is busier than it’s ever been for me.


    1. The other problem is that lots of men don’t want to chat to a counselor. Men feel that counseling is for wusses, not that you feel that way. As for you and I, Kyle, we need to take ownership of our emotions as people, not as Men or Women. As a woman, I know that my emotions can get weird, but men have the same issue as well, but because of social pressures, they are often discouraged from seeking therapy for help with things like not just the suicidal thoughts, but battering their wives, drinking or alcoholism, drugs, etc. Oftentimes, you see men who refuse to go to NA or AA meetings because of social pressure to “be a man.” It really hurts to see that happen. Some women are told the same, as there was one who ultimately made a huge decision that would alter the course of my personal history forever.


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