The Court Day

Dear friends,
Unfortunately, we have a serious case of internet crime on our hands. We do not have any way of restraining the girl responsible for all the trashy comments, impeding my job, getting my confidential information, and smearing my character. Well, she has not won. Even if the court denied the restraining order, I want to make one thing clear: the manipulations, stealing of confidential information, and getting involved with MY rehab info, is not allowed. All this being said, any preadolescent attacks and bad writing will be found and copied and I will go after the author of said writings for slander. I bathed whenever I bathe, and I will not be accused of doing otherwise. I’ve got photos that state that whoever did this does not bathe, does not brush her hair, and so on.
The same person thinks she’s the Queen of everything, but let me make another thing clear: I’m not all that either. She’s not gonna come near me at all. She can’t. Not if I do what I think I’m going to do next.
The next strategy is to let the Colorado Center know what kind of trouble the girl caused for me and some friends. The kind of stuff she wrote on Twitter was not imminent danger. Oh yes, I know, it may mean you can continue to torture me, Queen M—-, but I”m sorry, you can’t do this. If you continue, you could indeed land me in the pits of a grave. I could die if you did the wrong stuff. For more information, I’d watch the movie Cyberbully. Listen carefully to Taylor’s reaction to the fake profile in the film. Listen and choose what you think you would like for your life, Queen Bee. See if you can figure out what this lady in the film was exposed to. The girl, Taylor, was approached by a fake male profile. Now, I have to write a Colorado Congressman and see if maybe a certain antibullying and antiharassment act can be passed to include online out of state contacts. You say you’ll leave me alone, but you also said, in clear words, to “suffer for all you’ve done.” Calling me a bitch is wrong, and I have the stuff and a file on my computer, and I’ll collect more stuff to consider. Consider my feelings about this matter, Ma’am.
You could be a fake person, or you could be real, but if you were a real person, threatening to kill or maim me, you could land yourself a restraining order. Especially, I must add, if you’re at CCB and trying to cause damage. For now, I’m going to say this: victory will be mine because I’m going to do some more monitoring. I will not respond unless you are threatening me, but calling me obscenities and lacing my tweets with such things will get a retweet. Any threats? That’s right, any threats and that’ll be it. Threats to kill or lock me away are stupid, and I think you and others involved should be evaluated for psychological reasons.
Saying that someone doesn’t want to associate with me is stupid. You won’t win, and you can’t, even if the order was denied, you still lie, slander, and steal confidential information about me from other people or you could do it from Colorado rehab itself. So stay out of here, don’t come here, but if you do, I’m sorry, but you’ll be doomed. I’m sorry, whoever you are, the Queen of Everything will lose everything. It’s not funny and don’t think you’re reading the blog to be seriously desperate to get rid of me. IF you wanted to seriously get rid of me, I’ll tell you what, Congress here will decide what happens.
Say hello to the true Queen of Denver, me, Beth, and you’ll do what I want, what I say, and everything will be fine. You say I’m bad? Well, you messed with me in my voicemail, on my Twitter, on my Facebook, everywhere. Speaking your mind is not the same as cussing people out, threatening them, calling me names, you’ve done this long enough. The effects don’t linger much, but I will see that any younger personalities are protected. Anyone under seventeen reading this knows the lingering effects of bullies and their stupid stuff. If this lady were in school with me, I’d automatically do the right thing: get a restraining order, kick her out of high school, etc. She needs to take a bath, eat food that is for real, and date only men in her locale, that’s it. No more Jeremiah Ticket, Blink Nation, and so on. Just stick to the old home boys in your hometown, and I bet somebody will clean this person up.
Sorry, if anyone wants to tell me why I shouldn’t be alive, write it here. Otherwise, I’m breathing, I’m walking, talking, and yes, I’m actively seeking to get rid of bullies and Queens and so on who try and manipulate and steal others’ friendships like they think they’re in middle school. It’s over, and I won’t go back to court unless the Queen Bee approaches me.
Love to all my fans,

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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