The Crucified

The Crucified
By Beth Taurasi

I have carried this cross for 28 years,
I hear the crowd’s roaring through my ears,
“We want no friend but Her, we want no God but Brahma,
Visnu, Ra, and other gods besides, we want drama.”
I am feeling the weight of my sins upon me,
I am crawling to Galgatha’s Hill,
I feel that I’m being martyred because I’m not able to see,
It’s my fault that I’m mentally ill,
My Blake is weeping, profusely with the tears
And I wipe my veil across his beautiful face,
The print of his face, engraved through the years,
Says he will love beyond my death, beyond time and space,
I’m beaten by a girl with long black hair,
Holding a whip in her hand.
She says, “You’re a witch and a bitch and a snitch,”
She says she’s getting me banned
From all my life, not just Facebook and Twitter,
But all the things that connect me to Blake,
And while he weeps for the loss of his bitter
Cold tears pouring into the lake,
HE screams like a man and a banshee combined,
“Let her go, or I’ll throw the whip upon you.”
The black haired witch keeps throwing her wand,
And says, “I’ll crucify you too.”
I lay on the cross, engraved with a snare,
Swastikas, hearts, and a dagger,
“She bossed Blake around, she does not bathe”
“She has nothing but a body like a dragger.”
Blake lies next to me, no cross beneath,
Weeps so hard, he can’t speak.
He touches my dying face, etched in blue with a sheath
And opens my garments and takes a peak.
He takes the rope in his hand, throws it around.
The black haired witch stops and says,
“If you touch that dog on the cross tonight,
You shall join her round and round.”
Blake says, “You are false, you goddess of Hate!”
The crowd does not hear his cries.
The crowd stands around me, saying the same things,
“If you think you’re all that, stop telling lies.”
I say, “It is finished, Blake, go to your mother.”
But Blake throws himself on top of me.
HE wants to pull me out of this Hell that I’ve seen,
And says, “I love you. Come to me.”
His dear mother, standing close by me,
Says, “This witch who killed my beautiful girl,
She will pay for this in the pits of fire,
And we won’t see even a curl
OF her long black hair, the hapless hag,
She does not know what to do.
She only will sit, boast, and brag,
That she killed a woman like you.”
The woman comes to me, then taps my side.
But one of the men in the crowd,
Pulls a lance out, and strikes my waist,
Saying, “Get her a torn, black shroud.”
My body is buried, somehow in a tomb,
Blake stands by me, crying his lament.
HE says, “You horrible, falsehoods, lies!
Why would you be so malcontent?”
The next hour dawns light, my day breaks through.
I hear a voice, though you might think me dead.
“Beth, I am your Lord, your Savior, your King.
They did not do this just to you.”
They crucified my Son, Jesus, for you,
So you don’t have to feel the devil’s sting.
I’m doing what your dear husband has said once again,
I’m taking you out of this mess!
The black haired witch who tried to harm you,
I’m taking her away from the press,
I’m putting her under, I’m setting her down,
She will never be my Bride,
I swear to God’s right hand, her wedding gown
Will be torn as the shroud you hide.”
I stand up, the cloths fall off of me,
And Blake wonders what has happened.
You think the tomb is open, … what? I”m alive?
There, on the empty cross, Blake says,
“I shall burn this, the charges will no longer stand
Because the Black Haired Witch is banned.”
A bonfire burns, a grate is open,
Blake hands me his lovely dark face,
I stroke his head sweetly, and I cry too weak, to open
My dry and bloody lips, I say,
“Blake, I heard the voice of my Savior cry out
That the witch will burn, will never see me again.
She tried to kill me in the name of Drama,
And left me to die in the rain.”
I love you, Blake, you are my only link
To the world I could never imagine I’d live,
But I wish the witch would have some reason to Sink,
And in to the fire, she’d dive.”
Blake suddenly cries out, “My lover, my life!”
His tears calling to God with joy.
The rain begins to fall, and he takes me in his arms,
Unlike the others, the ones who act like a boy.
He says, “Come with me, my lady of love,
I will take you into my arms
Forever and ever, no witch does destroy us,
Black hair and brown, or any charms.”
For three days, I’d lain there, asleep in the night,
But when my true love’s kiss came near,
I arose like the princess who had seen her knight,
And the kiss burned my heart like a flame!
Blake said, “I will kill every dragon, witch, and goblin
That ever flies near your domain.
And no, not a single evil thing
Will ever leave you to die in the rain.”
I take my lover’s hand, and lead him away,
We dance in the rain all night,
And I can sense my true Lord smiling,
My jesus, the King of the light.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

4 thoughts on “The Crucified”

  1. Just to make up for that poor effort of a comment which was only one word,
    After I read this particular post I went to bed and man, I was worried.
    I was seeing things I hated to see and if I told you what it was I was seeing in my head you’d probably tell me I’m going half crazy and to quit worrying as you’re okay.

    But that post shook me to my core. I was in some slight shock when I first read it because I feared this was happening to you in realtime and I couldn’t do anything to get you out of it.


    1. I understand. The thing was, the girl in the post the witch with the long black hair was a girl who had been picking on me before. She had trashed me in a blog post, and the stuff that happened in the poem was emotionally for me a real experience. All these people wanted was drama and a false god, not for me to have a good life. They just wanted no king or queen in their lives but false kings and queens. Its like they said in the passion, quote we want no king but seizure and quote crucify him. That was the bad part. And I felt like I couldn’t get out of it. I’ve made too many sacrifices in my past and won’t make anymore again.


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