A Response to the Slanderous Post

To Whom It May Concern, and All Readers of WordPress,
There are a few things I’d like to discuss. Namely, I’d like to point a few things out.
The author of a certain slanderous post I’m about to cover in this particular entry said some bad things, lies, about me. I will say this, I apologized to said author of the post, and even after she supposedly accepted, she went off on me AGAIN! I have two documents of DM’s and tweets that detail how I’m supposed to “rot in hell” and so on. She cussed me and God out in both Tweets and DM’s, but the worst part comes next.
1. She identifies me as Beth T. Nice try, but does anyone in my blog circle know how to spell Taurasi? What is so hard about writing my last name OUT? I have more letters in it than just T. God, somebody help me. Lord, help us. It’s like I try and identify Blake as Blake T. What about ucker? Blake Tucker? Um, a disgraceful way to name someone, but that doesn’t quite narrow it down. IF you want to identify me, spell out my last name for Pete’s sake. Please, people. Look me up on Google, I’m right here.
2. This post stated I did not bathe and had unacceptable behaviors on the Internet. Well, no. First off, as a matter of fact, I took a shower this morning, and as a matter of fact, the author does not know me. She never smelled me, never went near me in person, so there’s no business talking about hygiene on a blog post. As my friend Silvia writes, “Ewwwwww, TMI.” I’m proud that someone got the picture.
3. The post further states that I shouldn’t be on social media. Um, no. I’m gonna stay on social media, and one woman can’t get me banned from all things social media because she wants it her way. I’m not getting my way, but slander and libel, is that a big word?, are both illegal and cannot be accepted. I don’t accept when after an apology, after blocking numbers and user names and handles on all kinds of communication lines, she STILL has the audacity to write such a horrible thing about me.
4. The post was redundant. After stating all the bad stuff, including, but not limited to the dishes part, which I’ll cover in the next item, and the dissociation of some people from me because of her actions, not mine, she goes back right around and does it again. Three times in a row she states the same things! It’s like talking to a preteen girl, not a young woman about to graduate high school. Or better yet, an accomplished musician who’s had two years of All State Choir, SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) chorus, many years of piano training, two years of university study in piano, flute, guitar, etc., … well, not flute, but piano and some beginning guitar. All this, I’ve done. What has the slanderer done? Nothing significant that she deserves an award for the role of Best Movie Villain of 2015. I would say she could get that as an Oscar nomination, but I don’t know whether she’d win an award.
5. She says I’m mean to “a good friend of mine” and names Blake in the post. I”m sorry, but Blake is not bossed around, is not manipulated, feels fine. If so, he’d not be with me at this time. We saw each other in person more than twice, and we’re gonna see each other more than fifty billion times over. A note to slanderers and harassers in the online community: do not be so redundant. You wrote all these points, be done with it. Do not slander someone unless you think it’s ok to do so and you know them in person. Just a general rule: slander and libel, written lies and stuff, is illicit and unlawful. Word of the wise: don’t lie about someone. For example: Obama has warts on his face. Does President Obama have warts on his face or not? I can’t say because I can’t see his picture, so I don’t care whether President Obama has warts or blemishes on his face. I could say, in some form of a respectful tone, that “I’m a bit concerned about President Obama’s weird little hairy mole and I saw it while he was eating a waffle.” Oh Lord, the Obama waffle on Ebay would be a hit if someone said this, ok? Back to my topic.
6. The post that slandered me says I “make” my caretaker do the dishes. FYI: you’re not understanding the point of Medicaid’s Long Term Care services. This kind of information is confidential, and the Care Plan cannot be released to the author of that post. I don’t make anyone do my dishes. I can’t have a dishwasher in this stupid studio apartment, and I’m serious, it’s cramping up on me because I have lots of stuff. I so wish I had a dishwasher and a laundry unit in here, and of course, bookshelves.
7. Dissociation from other people is covered as well. Well, the author is a Queen Bee. Let me put it this way: Rosalind Wiseman has a beautiful book about “queen bees and wannabees.” It says so in the title, and the book is amazingly awesome, and it’s for parents. It’s about helping your adolescent daughter survive cliques, gossip, boyfriends, and all sorts of high school … drama and hoopla. The author of the blog post I mention earlier claims that she has “evidence” in “emails.” Who has a right to say this? Ok, let me tell you how this is gonna end:
1. Slander will be looked for, and I will find it all.
2. I would like to remind readers and all the WordPress community that I might have said something, but even after we apologized and agreed to leave each other alone, the slanderer decided to do this awful deed and write a terrible selection of tweets and steal things and friends. Calling my defensive behavior “unacceptable” points to a need for submissive friends. Well, Blake doesn’t submit. I won’t submit. Submission to someone like the writer of the slandering post is unhealthy and unsafe for all people.
3. Libel and harassment charges may pend. I may need to get this post as evidence so that I can show a judge that this person, whoever it is, needs to leave me alone. I’ve said this in a Tweet before, tried to avoid looking at my call logs, and so on. Next thing you know, someone’s gonna be contacted by a police or principal or authority figure, and the picture won’t look pretty.
I seriously hope that all of you look carefully at the redundancy of the slanderer’s words, and report this. I”m not engaging any more in this stupid war. I just want to live my life, go out, get a job, have a family, etc. I don’t need jailtime, I don’t need to “suffer the consequences” as was repeated in the tweets. It seems nobody is responding the correct way to this wicked thing! I’m being called really bad names, cussed at, told to “go rot in Hell.” And indifference is how most of the community responds? This post, whatever I’m responding to, is complete slander and will not be tolerated. Please, whoever this is, take it down! Otherwise, keep going and you’ll probably end up in a bad situation, and that’s no threat. When someone writes lies like that in public, and online is public after all, that person will or one way or another way have to pay for this. It happens all the time with celebrities, like Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games. After the big Hack of Sony Pictures, Miss Lawrence had pics of her exposed all over the Internet, pics that should not have done their crawling on to the Internet.
So please, all you harassing people, slanderers, don’t make war with me anymore. Stop writing me bad stuff, stop reading my blog, the comments you leave on my blog concerning me will get spammed anyway. So why bother reading this? You know what you wrote, and it’s a bunch of lies. The person who will probably tell you this is Blake. He knows me better than anybody.
Anyway, not to be redundant or repeat myself, but I’m staying on social media, and that’s that. I have done nothing after the apology, but because of the slander that was done on the Twitter account and the WordPress blog, I have to respond with dignity and grace, telling the world that I do not have most of the issues. I don’t have “major mental issues.” What needs to be rectified anyway? I took meds for eight years and my body got out of whack because of it. Happy? Well, no. The medications that I’m taking now are not safe for some kinds of states for women, and I am finding out that stress and possible prediabetic symptoms could be causing the awful fits of illness I get repeatedly. I have had ten missed circles around, and I won’t have any more. Since the slanderer is not a psychotherapist, psychiatrist, etc., she has no right to diagnose me with any “behavior issues.” It is she who has them, and after I promise to leave this girl alone, she’s doing this! And I’m getting a lot of indifference from my community. Help me.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

3 thoughts on “A Response to the Slanderous Post”

  1. A lot of what you’ve written here was in last night’s post I saw with things added. I know who is causing you this grief and I’ve blocked her myself despite the fact she’s done nothing to me. am I just wilfully blocking this person for no reason or am I just covering my own ass to protect myself from being dragged into what is a nasty sybre attack on you? to say that this person’s a bully is an understatement as far as I’m concerned this behaviour could see her put through the courts


  2. Haley and Kyle, thanks you guys for reblogging and commenting on my post. Kyle, as I said in a Skype convo with you, you did the right thing, regardless of what anyone says. JDO is the same way.


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