The ComentsAnd Rules for My Blog

Dear Readers,
I”m afraid I’ll have to put some rules on my blog. These will ensure that I, the writer, am not put in some sort of danger and for the safety of those readers who want to read this blog but don’t know how to respond to it sometime.
1. Please keep comments short, sweet, nice, supportive, and to the point. Someone wrote a nasty comment saying I have to keep my distance from her daughter IN A PARENTAL demeanor mind you, and that demeanor is not allowed on my blog.
2. Please feel free to ask questions.
\3. Do not trash me or hate me. IF you feel like doing that or threatening my life and livelihood, do not comment at all.
4. Let’s have stimulating arguments. Like, for instance, should someone who is a “veg” be allowed to die without a living will? That’s a hot topic. Or what about abortion? We can talk about that too, as long as we’re all nice and polite about it, but the argument has to stimulate thought.
5. No parental directives on my blog. Again, this is aimed at people who think I am their daughter. Excuse me, but even if you are my mom or dad, do not write parental directives like, “You’re not going here or there”, “No this” or “No that.” We don’t write stuff like that on my blog. Even as a joke, none of that will be accepted as a comment on my blog.
6. If you’re following me with your email, please feel free to write a wordPress of your own. Let’s talk and have a nice argument or two, but the rest of my rules are common sense. Don’t post if you know it’s gonna hurt me. Follow these rules and you’ll be fine. Oh, and one more thing, any exes, like ex-boyfriends who want to put bad stuff on my blog, do not even read this darn thing. It’s not for you to read. Sorry, J.O. You’re not welcome to read my blog. If you continue stalking me and reading my blog, I’m afraid I’ll have something or two to say. Ok, I’ll say in another post why I don’t like this guy. Maybe I should say it now.

I filed a police report on my ex, and they said if he harasses me, which he could have done and I’m looking at my email constantly to see if any weird stuff comes up, I’m going to report that. Honestly, I need more support than this. I don’t need parental comments on my blog. What I need is a friend. This goes to show that H., another girl who’s isolated and probably never will see me at all, needs a friend. H.’s mom commented on the blog and said something pretty stupid mind you. What I need, C., (the commenter on my blog), is for you to realize that H. needs a friend. She needs good friends, friends who won’t betray her and call her names and stuff, like J.O. It’s pretty sad when I have to be dumped on in this blog and he isn’t. Why is HE being praised for bullying people? Why is HE still lurking about, looking for more “fresh meat”, as my bf Blake would put it? I don’t want stalkers and stuff on my friend circle. I need good friends and a boyfriend, who will eventually become my husband and friend for life. Blake is my partner, and we are not getting involved in this gossip about me. You can say any darn thing you want about me, but it won’t work. Try me. Call me the N word. Dare I say it? No. Call me the F word? Dare I say it? Failure. But I must say that there is no way you or anyone else on this blog post is going to pull this on me again. Blake is a sweet guy, and he and I think it would be best for H. to live in a home out west, a group home with support, twenty-four-hour home care with nurses and people who actually care about her. Medications would be dispensed. She’d have friends to talk to, musical time, therapy, stuff like that. I”m not suggesting a home for old folks. IF there is such a home, I’d find it anywhere but rural Georgia. Massachusetts has a good set of those. I have a Spina Bifida friend who lives there. Well, a friend who has spina bifida, J.G. She lives in a group home but it’s a good home. She has friends, nurses, people to attend her. IF H. lived with me, then I’d make sure she had long-term care, a watchful caregiver who could provide a personal assistance thing for her. I’d make sure she doesn’t wander off, whatever the case, I wouldn’t let anything happen. I’d have to make sure that since J.O. is in sight of her state, I’d say, “She’s moving to Colorado, so go away.” He knows I’ve got the law on MY side. I’d give H. rides to her appointments, attend her at all times if possible, I’m not kidding. We’d hire her a caregiver, Blake and me. I’d see to it that bars and rails go all over the bathroom, etc. Are you kidding? I’d do it all. I’d also save a lot of big Benjamins on group homes if I could. I don’t like group homes, except J.’s. J.G.’s home is good. They do have regs and rules and such, but they allowed her to marry a disabled man or something. B.W., that’s his name. He’s sweet, doesn’t mess around. J.G. and I have a lot of talks on Skype and such, and she is awesome. Her man, who I got to meet, is amazing. They had a honeymoon and she can leave and come back to her home at all if not any time she wants. Jenny Hatch, unfortunately, was isolated from friends and church because of the guardians and her group home. Jenny said, “No.” Isn’t that a powerful word? Well, Jenny said no to group homes, guardianship, and supervision. Face it, I cook too many things on my own. I’ve done a meal for sixty or more people. Is that enough to prove that yes, I can? Well, it should be.
I am done. Rant over.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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