What Happened This Week … And It’s Not acceptable

Dear Diary,
This week’s been tough on all of us. Including the removal of Jason Bratcher from Skype. He doesn’t want to talk to us, and it’s because someone, somebody stupid fooled him into thinking that I boss Blake about. I don’t order him to do this or do that, but it would be nice if Blake would
1. Please be more assertive and be manly in his assertions, that is, he needs to leave Mommy alone in the house and not … for one, not do anything for her.,
2. Keep the remote out of the freezer. YEs, Cathy put the remote in the freakin’ freezer! In the freezer, you ask? Yes, I’m not kidding.
3. Leave Arizona despite what Cathy says about me. I’m not posseessive, and for God’s sake there’s something wrong with Blake not being with me. My therapist says it’s not a viable relationship if Blake has to stay with Mommy and Daddy and not come to me at all. It’s not valid if … whatever. I wnt to end the crisis because obviously, I’ve been getting sick repeatedly, and I think it’s a psychosematic symptom or two that needs to be kept in check. It’s honestly making me sick to think that Cathy could be sowing unacceptable seeds in the soil where Blake trods daily. It’s ridiculous that Blake, above other things, is not being a man. I want a man, not a boy. I want a man who will fulfill my needs to be a woman and be treated equally. Blake does do all but come to me. All the needs are met, but only temporary needs are met. Maybe I should say something, we should say that my therapist says I need someone who can fulfill my needs. Blake can’t do that if he’s being bound up with Cathy all the time, and she asks him to do stuff. This is ok if she’s aging, elderly. But not now. Even if there is a tragedy, this isn’t acceptable. Also, Blake and I had to confront the gossip head on, and we’re staying together because the gossipping that people are doing, telling Jason that I boss Blake about, is wrong. Blake is happy in a relationship with me, but if Cathy doesn’t follow through with this trip she plans to take Blake on, she will get a talk with me on Skype. That means, no one is allowed in the skype call. I’ll turn on my camera so that Cathy can see me. I’ll tell her everything. About the psychotic symptoms and throwing up constantly, the diarrhea in the toilet that happened just this morning, etc. I don’t need to be sick anymore. This relationship is happy, but not being allowed to see Blake is frustrating and a health risk. I could perhaps develop cancers and stuff because of the poisons I have to take to deal with mental health issues. Let’s just say that I want to end the crisis by saying, “Blake belongs to me. I want rights over Blake as a wife, a companion, and a partner.” Even Muslim wives have rights, for God’s sake. ISIS doesn’t think so. They’re a load of garbage, of course. I’d like to see them all die in shock … haha … doesn’t the entire U.S. want to see Isis all in their throws of death, shocked bec ause they can’t feel their bodies? I’d like to see that. SErves them right for making young girls marry them. Guys like them are good for nothing but eating, fighting, and sex. Girls are better than guys in that respect. We women are more complex. I think ISIS really needs to be overthrown by the Unitd States, and this whole Islamic State is going to face a huge backlog in “I want my sex organs back.” Ha ha. They won’t get back the ability to do it. These guys should be corralled in a building, given chemical castration since they raped girls, given heavy meds so they are all knocked out. Then, we’ll brainwash the bastards into thinking that Muslims are bad. Easy, but not as easy as one thinks.
Ok, I’ve gotten myself into a pool of words, but guys like these are gona make it harder for me to think women have rights. And women should have rights. Cathy doesn’t see that I as a mental patient should have the rights to her son. But face it, I want rights to marry Blake, and I will do that. Blake will come back. If he doesn’t come back by the time I turn thirty-five, Cathy will have to pay me for the entire wedding. That’s right, even my dress and Blake’s suit and tie and all that. Well, we won’t wear suits and tuxes because I don’t want a formal event so to speak. I think we should lay it back some because of expenses. Bethany would be a great maid of honor, only if she doesn’t try to convince Blake to live with strange men who will ultimately tell Blake to “be a man” and “rape a drunken woman.” Blake doesn’t have to do those manly things, but he needs blind men around him who can provide some support. But not sighted roommates who can’t do stuff and won’t do anything but sit around, sweat, and have sex with girls who are at bars. Men don’t always cooki, and relying on Blake as a servant will ultimately get him back with me. I’ll take care of Blake, and besides, he has to take care of me in sickness and in health, etc. etc. Ok, and in the face of ISIS, we will be married so that no one can tell me who to be with. This is why I left Islam in the first place. I’m former of the Islamic religion, so there. Anyway, while Blake is currently at the psychiatrist appointment, which has nothing to do with him, I’m going to read books. Yes, read. I’m going to read the books I already have. Anyway, I’ll post further as the psych test is done. I started it, and it needs to be finished soon. When it is, it seems like I will function badly, and won’t cook this or clean that. But5 I’m too smart for this damn guardianship. So pra that the test goes the way God wills it.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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