My Robi Williams Memories

Dear Diary,
Rest in peace, Robin Williams. It was weird hearing about him dying and all. But I remember him as the voice of the Genie in Aladdin. That story was taken from the Tounsand and One Nights, the Arabian fairy tales told by Sheherazade, the princess who was to be executed. But entertaining a king with fairy tales seemed to have done her good.
But back to Williams’ death. Suicide is highest among artists, creative people, actors, musicians, etc. Robin Williams also played Mr. Kegan in Dead Poet Society, which I got to watch in seventh grade. I so want to put on Williams’ gravestone: “Oh Captain My Captain.” Mrs. Miller stood on her desk, and someone gave her a keychain that said so. Oh captain my captain. My class loved it. We watched Dead Poets’ Society with awesome wonder. It was wonderful. But there’s something I did not know about Mr. Williams. He did stand up comedy. He was an actor and comedian? Well, he played someone in Robots too. I’ll never forget, however, his role in Aladdin. It was awesome. It was too awesome, and Disney must’ve been good for that role. He had a lot of jokes. HE died in his sixties. We lost a lot of good people this year. I remember Katarine Hepburn’s death too. Lots of good people died. Now, this whole thing of Robin Williams dying gets me asking, “What will happen if Justin Bieber experienced the same thing?” Or should I ask, “What will happen if Miley Cyrus experienced the same death?” Would people have as muchy reverence as they do for Mr. Williams? I don’t know why. I think Canada would throw a party to celebrate the end of Justin Bieber, of course. That guy doesn’t know how to sing. One less lonely boy to worry about in my opinion. “One less lonely girl … one less lonely girl.” … Ewwwwww. Justin can’t sing, and his music was awful. I might play Bieber on a Teenage Pop themed Denver Delights show, but still, I don’t like Bieber. I wish they’d banned Chris Brown on all radio stations. What he did to Rihanna was plain abuse. I survived the same abuse, but jason did not think for once what impact that abuse had for me for years to come. Blake saved my life, and … ok, I’m a bit off topic. But people like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber should be banned from radio, period.
As for Robin Williams’ suicide success, we need to do more for suicide prevention. What if a famous actor called a suicide prevention hotline? What will we do? Should we allow doctors to take advantage of such people? Michael Jackson was taken advantage of by Conrad Murray. Why was Conrad Murray not held responsible for Michael’s death? What if I was the next victim of a Dr. Conrad Murray? What if I became famous, then died as a result of a bad dose of blood or medicine? We need to do more for the lost, the lonely, the sick, the ones who could possibly become suicidal?
Anyway, that’s all I gotta say.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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