Resolution on TV screens

Is a resolution I made up while I was hanging out with art. Since the NFB is so proud of their resolutions, I thought it would be cool to do something that the NFB has yet failed to do. We talked about how annoying it is to have the number on your screen thing on a television commercial. It says quote call the number on your screen. Quote that it is so bad. So here it is. Here is a resolution about television commercials and quote the number on your screen. Quote
Enter whereas, people like to watch TV. And whereas, people like to watch commercials.
Whereas, people really like to buy products, barring none. And whereas, the National Federation of the blind does not like it if someone is not able to see something on a screen because there are different product that people sell on television where the number is posted on the screen and not read out loud, and enter whereas, this discriminatory practice of saying quote call the number on your screen quote is bad for us and bad for the blind and purposely excludes the blind from buying a certain product, and enter whereas, if you want to buy the product, you need to be able to see the screen, & a television set is not a very good source of information if the number is not described even once twice or three times.,
Now therefore be it resolved this whatever day it is or whatever it happens to be on the convention floor, that we, the National Federation of the blind, condemned for any company who uses such a quote as quote call the number on your sc nevermind. reen quote to sell a product on television.
Enter we are so annoyed by this, but I’m sure you will find this resolution hysterical

Happy 4th part 2

AMERICA, AMERICA, I love you so so much. But fireworks and endless quirks could set me with a crush. Haha. Just thought I might get rid of that sort of steam before I say this. Blake’s dad is weird. And I had a pimple on my face that would not go away. So, of course I had to pop it. Anyway, one of my friends is calling me. Good lord, 4th of July will be so boring without blake. I wish blake actually live here. It would be so much nicer if blake did live with me. That way, we would hav a valide relationship. And nobody would tell us what to do. We would do our own dishes, cook our own food, etc etc that’s

Happy 4th of July

It is a very funny day. Fourth of july really matters to me. Anyway um. Um, yes um. I hate the word um. Um sucks. It makes me wonder why I’m not articulate enough to write a post like this. The way, blake is in phoenix. And he’s doing just fine. His dad just being a dad. There are times I wish I could friday mcallister and skillet. But, it’s just weirdness. Blake knows exactly why I want to fry’s dad sometimes. It has to do with the way play cabin don’t with. Anyway, talking to carry on skype. Will leave you