Weird Day at Work … Yesterday

Tornados are weird.  Yes, I’m not kidding.  We had a storm incident here yesterday, and boy was it awful.  We were taken to a safe area so that I could not even get a cab or transit home, and I had to stay there till it was all clear.  Great.  The safe area is around where the lunchroom, breakroom is.  Thank God the storm passed to Aurora and didn’t come here.  It was weird how things worked but I was exploring careers at work too.  The careers include sound editing and production of music, which I think would be a better fit and get me employed faster than all this other classical stuff, the music auditions being the way they are today.  Why study Mozzart when I can sing like an angel without having to do so?  Why study Mozzart for $5 an hour when I can produce for a million more?  I may produce not for the rappers, but for modest artists like … well, should I dare say this … Blake Shelton.  I could produce for him and many others, the females included.  Editing is a challenge, and I would personally start a group to ban autotune.  Some musicians, I swear, autotune themselves out and do it to death.  Mrs. Hancock, the Mayor’s wife, I was told she had a gospel voice.  Um, someone will probably tell her, “We’ve heard this before.”  I don’t think I have that It factor because of blindness, and that’s all I gotta say.  Blindness doesn’t run in my family, so there you have it.

I could produce, edit, or broadcast.  I might consider getting a B.S. as long as the curriculum is accessible and the tech is accessible.  I’ve had to drop out of college because of access buriers and all that.  FSU, the supposed best music school in the Southeast, got sued by two blind people for their inaccessible use of inaccessible tech and that: they use clickers that don’t work, their math curriculum was awfully inaccessible because the coding wasn’t right, and now Chris and Jamie, my two friends who sued FSU, will need to have monetary damages because the college won’t let them back in.  I want the debt paid off, and I don’t know if Rehab can let me into UCD, and it’s on the Auraria Campus again.  But college and music are the only answers, and obtaining an A Plus Cert just won’t cut it.  I could do it just for the heck of it, but the good jobs that command billions of cash all require experience and college.  I’m so mad at Rehab for making me drop out, and most of all, my dad for making me use a pc that’s past its prime, dead perhaps.  The sound card is broken on it, so I bought another two soundcards to do something with it.

The card I bought makes the computer sing like normal, but then there was dust in the keys, and even when I used compressed air, the stupid keyboard keys are still not working.  Damn.  I really want a new pc and netbook as well.  I’ll be browsing Toshiba netbooks even if there isn’t such a thing.

I really could use a traveling netbook so that I can fly around.  If I make the Voice, and win it for Mr. Shelton, I swear I’ll buy the house and get my bf out of there, and Arizona will probably burn up.  I’m not the one burning AZ up at the moment while Denver’s being soaked like a sponge.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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