A Plus Test Results

A Plus Test Results

And Other Matters

I’ve noticed that the A Plus test results remain in the fifties. Exam Compass does not offer an option to simply learn from your wrong answers. I would not be able to figure out which answers are correct and if they are incorrect, the correct answer and the way it should have been. I’d like to do that as these are practice exams. Purely practice exams allow you to practice, but you can’t just crack the system by using different answers each time. I managed to pop an 87 today on the security portion of the A Plus 802 part. It’s obvious I haven’t learned command line as much, maybe I should practice it? I’m stumped here.
In other news, I’m getting a bigger apartment. Yes, a bigger apartment is in store for me if I call the right places. I’d like to find a place that has a one bedroom available for less than a six month waiting list. I’ll move in in about six months given the money and time needed. Plus I need to get furniture, a better setup, more space. This way, I could buy a keyboard and practice, and that would mean more space. I’m a musician, so getting a bigger unit is important.
In other other news, I am doing something serious. Serious enough not to be written on a piece of data on a work computer. It involves lawyers and family issues, and the family wants me to accept guardianship, something that could be predatory. I’m sorry, but my parents exploited my disability for personal gain. They did this without caring that I would need to learn how to manage money and so on, and after what Comcast pulled on me, throwing bills past due in my mailbox, I just want to kick someone right now. My parents don’t want me to marry, hold property, manage property, sign contracts, etc. They need to understand that I cannot afford certain things, so they needed to buy me those things I can’t afford because I’m on a severely fixed income. The budget is simple: food takes up a majority of the budget, then rent, then cable, then phone, then scanning documents etc. Serotek offers an affordable option so I can scan and read documents, docuscan plus, and I need that. I will need that stuff because it would cut the caregiver’s time down by a lot, and being independent means a lot to me. I have to pay for it, and Serotek has an option where I can afford to. Anyway, food and supplies are important, but food stamps are low because the House of Representatives and Congress decided to cut into the program because of the new Farm Bill. They need to be honest. I’m literally going to starve or become even poorer if I can’t get a job, but getting a job will be harder than ever if I want a technical job. From what my friend Jason has told me, tech jobs require weird hours, transportation of oneself or a car in other words, and sighted assistance. I’d rather work a helpdesk job that doesn’t require weird hours, bad transit options, and experience, experience, and experience. I have no experience except for practicing the test. I know a lot about internet security, and have exemplary tech skills on a computer, but employers want field experience that a blind person can’t get. What to do now!
As for all the other stuff, if I can’t get a job in the tech field, then I don’t know what job I can get. I don’t want to work at Bayaud Enterprises myself because they’re training me. What about a real world employer with a real world expectation without the illegal questioning and sexual harassment? What about the real world job that pays, pays, and pays even more? As a blind woman, I might get paid 70% of what my boyfriend Blake will make an hour, and that’s not acceptable for me. I want THE VERY SAME amount of money Blake makes, if not more because my pay should be based on performance. If I get a raise, great. If I don’t, it would show the employer that they’re not following the laws and initiatives set up to close the “gender gap” between men and women. I do not want to be treated as disposable property of someone else. Blake would want me to work outside the home, no doubt because the skill sets have to be in place. If we do have kids, so what? Tom and Linda Anderson, a couple we know, doesn’t have kids and they’re all about their relationship. Both work at CCB, Colorado Center for the Blind, where Blake and I met. As for me, I’m not willing to accept low pay because I’m a woman. I’m all about having to negotiating a starting salary that doesn’t compromise what bills and budget I have at the time. Sorry, dad, you can’t force me to show you what I spend money on. Sorry, Mom, but you don’t think me capable enough, so goodbye. Sorry, everyone else, but you absolutely should not tell me that I’m disposable and because I’m a woman, it’s ok to pay me less because I’m a woman. Just because I’m pregnant once or twice in my life doesn’t mean you can’t protect my rights. I’d rather do help desk work, not lifting work that requires much physical exersion because that could kill the baby. Protect pregnant workers, by God.
I’m not sure how much I’m gonna need to pay to take the A Plus certification, but it would be nice to do training at a college that will accommodate me. I’m thinking about moving into a bigger unit, and it has to be a unit that is closer to said college. I might go to Lakewood Community College just to do A Plus work. But I’m not sure that they’ll allow me to do that sort of thing because of what happened to another friend of my friend Jason’s: Anthony Lanzilotti, who studies at a college that totally babies him, doesn’t let him move around without sighted assistance, and doesn’t do anything to make his college experience first rate. I want top notch accommodations for something like this, and I’m not sure where to find that stuff. Top notch means:
1. No babying.
2. Allowing complete freedom of movement no matter where I go.
3. Accommodating me as far as textbooks go.
4. Scanning all research docs in to .docx or .doc format so I can read them, or an accessible PDF that is not an image.
5. No mean moods, no bad attitudes, and absolutely no discouragement. I’ve never been so discouraged in college when I was at FSU in my life. FSU discouraged not just me, but a friend who eventually sued the college because of their math curriculum being inaccessible. No kidding.
6. I’m gonna say one more thing: I don’t want this particular learning institution to be too expensive. I can’t pay, so if Rehab doesn’t pay, then I’m done. I’m going to have to be a housewife, and nothing better will happen. I am totally discouraged by a lot of people. It gets me down.

That’s all I’m gonna say here. In closing, I’m willing to do A Plus work, but I don’t know if I can simply work for pay that is less than a man’s, work in a hostile environment, etc. I felt that AINC was a bit hostile, but they had a problem with me because of who I was. That’s a bad match.

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My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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