Dear Justina Pelletier

Dear Justina Pelletier,
Yes, I’m writing you a note because I want to give you some encouragement and a bit of praise for what is going on inside. You had the courage to stand up for what was right when you penned a note to your parents. Why the state wouldn’t let you speak to them I don’t know, but it was the same issue with Jenny Hatch, a lady with Down’s Syndrome recently freed from a guardianship that rendered her unable to make social decisions. Even with a job, she still had to reside in a group home and wouldn’t be allowed a laptop or cell phone. The group home didn’t allow her to see her dear mother figure, Kelly Morrison. It really pained Jenny not to be able to see her friends, and her parents were behind all this. That is bad. As a teenager in a hospital, Justina, you have suffered enough. It’s time to get up, man up, and tell the docs and the state you aren’t and never were being abused or neglected by your parents. Hell, you lived an active lifestyle which included ice skating competitions and so on. Now you can’t even stand up? Your sister’s concerned. Of course, your parents would act the way they did. Linda and Lou Pelletier would be proud to know they have a daughter who really knows what family support means. So what if you do have a mitochondrial disorder? So what? you have family that actually like you. My story is different, but similar in character to Hatch’s. Must I remind you that Jenny, with the Down’s Syndrome has an intellectual impairment? I do not. I have more intelligence, and maybe the world oughta see it this way. I’m not a victim anymore, nobody’s fool. I’m going to try and advocate for myself and Blake, my undying boyfriend, well, my loving boyfriend. We’re going to try. We’re really going to try and marry and have a life together, which I deserve because I’ve worked too hard for my independence, and no sense of entitlement here, you narcissists. It’s called, God, reward me for what I’ve done in this world, and tell my parents they will be given an account they need to read back to you. I suppose that your parents and you will have to give an account to the Almighty that says exactly what you and them did in their lives. My mom and dad will have to do the same, and if they fail, they will have their bodies and souls cast into the lake of Fire. It says right there in Revelation, and that’s what it says. There’s nothing wrong with this, but we’re all pretty sure it’s in the Bible.
Justina, if there are any questions you have for me, you can ask. I’d like to reach out and tell you that I’m praying for you as well as my bf Blake, and all the rest of the Christians and Jews out there. Muslims and Boco Haram can all go fall somewhere else down the mountain. Gotta run. Blake is messaging me!

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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