the Hunger Games: Thoughts

What I’d like to do now is review the Hunger Games book and movie thing.  I was watching a little bit of the Hunger Games this morning, thinking of how best to approach Mockingjay, the third book in the trilogy.  If you really wanna know how Katniss is, she is a mess by that book.  Peeta is a real mess.  He’s so much of a mess it’s not even funny.  He was tortured about a rebellion he didn’t know about, so the capitol decided to make him hate Katniss, which made Katniss almost dead by the middle of the third book.  Which is it gonna be, President Snow?  You want to kill Katniss?  You’re nuts, I kept saying.  When you read Mockingjay, you feel like you’re there with Katniss for all the things she’s going through: for every hospitalization, every gun drill, etc.  It gets better.  Prim, Katniss’s sister, trains as a medic.  She’s good too.  Prim’s mom, also Katniss’s mom, is really nice, and she’s also a medic of sorts.  district 13 is amazingly militarized as we learn by the beginning of Mockingjay.  It’s amazing.  But I must say, if you read this book, you’re going to feel like it’s over half the time.  But it doesn’t work that way.  I”m sure that President Snow has to die at some point.  This whole thing with the hunger Games makes me sick.  I would never do that if I ruled the world.  Question to all my readers: what would you do differently than our current government if you ruled the world?  I don’t know, but I know that I’d champion a few causes here and there.

1. I’d make it so that disabled folks could get jobs.  I’d hire Jason Milyo as my IT person in the white house, of course.

2. Guardianship would no longer be an option to “reign in” a disabled person’s fiery spirit.  That isn’t the way to do it.  IF I were ruthless enough, I’d execute anyone who even thought of getting a guardianship over a disabled person.  But I’m not that ruthless, and execution should never be allowed.  I’d end the Death Penalty, so that just won’t happen.

3. I’d never sacrifice human beings, and I’d be against any form of animal sacrifice as well.  I’d have to pass ordinances in all cities, federal laws, etc. banning all forms of human and animal sacrifices for selfish reasons.  IF you practiced Wicca, for instance, you could not sacrifice a goat or two for the new year.  You’d have to find another way to celebrate.  Hey, I’d do this so that religions could evolve and anyone could practice anything without fear.

4. I’d be tough on puppy mills.  Yes, I’d be so tough on puppy mills that if anyone is caught puppy milling, and oh, Theresa, are you reading this?  I’d throw the bad breeder in jail for life.  I’d increase the value on animals in this nation.  In the whole world, there’d be an end to animal cruelty.  I’d never allow bestiality of course, and if any man slept with his guide dog, I’d kill him.  Well, banning the Death Penalty would not go so far.  But I’d go so far as to throw a man like this guy Allan, name not his actual name, in jail for committing bestiality with his guide dog.  I have a Canadian friend who loves his dogs, but if you really cared about your dogs, you would never go astray and sleep with the dog sexually.  I’d ban that practice ever more.

5. Education would be transformed.  There are lots of things Ii’d do to education to make the economy better.  Read the Smart Kids, Bad Schools by Brian Crosby.  He rocks!  Love his book, and he loves young people.  HE has a lot of ideas in his book from field trips to Fridays off that I’d use.  The only thing is that I don’t know how much he knows about blind students not reading Braille.  Uh, Mr. Crosby, you don’t know that blind people do not have a very good prospect for being literate or employed.  Wheelchair students have to be able to access school too.  I’d make it my mission to not only transform the way the regular ed students are educated, but to transform the special ed students’ education.  I’d change the labeling system so that special ed would cover true disabilities only.  IF you have Learning Disabilities, I’d work with those students.  Yes, but blindness is more important because of the 90% illiteracy rate.  We’re supposed to be able to read Braille, and Braille is the only thing that makes us literate.  I’d never forget that.

But what do the Panem rulers do to control its people?  Bad, bad, bad.  Tributes and sacrifices should never be allowed.  Fighting to the death should never be allowed.  Denying districts food and water would never go far with anyone here in this real world.  I’d have to do something ensuring all children have an equal access to the best education ever!  That’s my promise, and I will keep that promise.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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