My Less Than Boring Day

As if nothing could spare me.  Blake called me, happy as always, and he is always happy.  I hope he can forgive me completely, but more than anything, I wish his family would not turn against me.  Families are not supportive in my view, and there’s evidence.  Nancy, a sister of one of my friends, is a real … should I say it?  No, I won’t.  But she’s a trashed weakling who doesn’t know the power that her brother has now that he’s in Denver, Colorado.  Art, her brother, is better at doing things than anybody, and his sister, so he tells me, hates his guts and treats him like a kid.  Well, I think I’ll say this much.

Blake is so going to Art’s wedding to his girl, Diana Chavez.  Let them get married, I say.  But tell me this, should I just hole Blake up in my place and don’t let anyone have him?  What if cathy, his dear mother, doesn’t let him go?  He’s being invited by another friend, and he will go alone.  If Cathy thinks I’m dangerous, then hell, I’m so going to have to say she might have a hint of danger about her.  I told Art my concerns, my worries, what with personal firearms in Blake’s home, which could mean the end of someone’s life.  After all, that’s how someone in that house was killed.  And that someone managed to grab a … well, Blake believes it to be a rifle.  I don’t think we need firearms.  I wish we didn’t do firearms.  I wish we hunted like Katniss does, with bows and arrows, without guns.  I hate guns, seriously.

As much as the guns are bad for us, people still use them.  For instance, Art and I were concerned about a recent Fort Hood shooting.  Like this is the second time a shooting has occurred on base in that area.  The last time the shooting occurred was when a Muslim weirdo shot and killed a bunch of people, and confessed to doing it.  What if there’s a shooting after Blake gets a wedding invitation?  What if Joe does something … no, I love Joe.  I don’t want anyone to get hurt.  I’m concerned as all hell because of the presence of firearms and the woman’s unwillingness to let her dear son grow up.  My concerns are serious.  Firearms are dangerous weapons, they can kill instantly.  We saw that multiple times in Fort Hood, Columbine, Sandy Hooke, etc.  I will not see it happen to my own close friend and lover, Blake.  I will protect him with all my life, and that will mean I will lay it down for him.  I don’t care if that means I take all the guns and lock them up and keep them safe in an armory or something.  I don’t know what will happen to me.  I want a life, and I won’t let a family control that much of my life.  Families such as mine, Art’s, and Blake’s, really need to be chastised for what they do every day to us disabled folks.

Well, let’s talk about my day: I went to work adjustment training.  Learned about wireless internet, I did.  Yoda, are you … following me, are you?  Yes, I’m sure you are.  Laughs out loud.

The one thing I do not like about this work adjustment program is that it’s being forced in order to succeed.  My brothers get all this pampering and degrees and Embraer Jet Firm, and what do I get?  Nothing.  No life, no husband, no chance at a date with someone I truly care about, nothing.  I don’t want this to be too negative a blog, but I did have a good thing happen today.

My friend Clint called me up on Skype.  We talked a lot about stuff, lot of stuff.  Clint said something funny, something about a hockey game with compact flash cards and folding canes.  Blind people really know how to reinvent fun, don’t they!  But Clint’s anecdotes are truly amazing, and I really wish there was something I could do right at the moment.

Now, this is a day or time of reading.  I’m reading Mockingjay, and this is a truly amazing book.  Let me get back to it, but please, my dear friends, pray that Blake and I will soon be reunited together.  It is something I wish to do so badly, and Blake needs me.  I need him, and there’s nothing his own mother can do to stop me from wanting or loving him.  Friends, friends, and always?  Friends my ass.  I want a boyfriend, and I’ve got one.  So just let it happen.  You can’t stop a butterfly from growing wings and flying around the garden.  Just as you can’t stop a caterpillar from turning into a chrysalis.  You can’t do that.  Things grow.  Things just keep growing.  Blake grew.  He bloomed like a flower in Denver, and he’ll further bloom every year as I do in my womanly state.  That’s all I have to say.  Rant over.

Author: denverqueen

My name is Beth. I'm blind from birth and enjoy the blogging atmosphere. I am a creative person, a musician, a writer, etc. This is me. Take it or leave it.

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